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Online Dating and Keeping Sugardaddies Coming Back

Online Dating and Keeping Sugardaddies Coming Back for more..?

When online dating That’s easy. The three C’s.  Creativity, Consistency and Contents


This is where you can use costumes and add some different shots for your photos, you can do T shirts, and shorts, but also don’t forget to have some variety for your photos as well, for example, ingerie, beach wear,  school uniform, also, u can mix up different hair styles and take time to apply your makeup guys love to see when you put effort into your photos.


I’ve sadly followed SugarBaby girls on Fundmysugarbaby who thought they were going to secure the bag by posting just a few pics and waiting for SDs to contact them while charging double-digit prices.

An ideal way would be to post updates and pics no less than 10x a month, and I find this to be a good number because that means you can post every 3-4 days and your profile and timeline still always feels fresh, add you new photos in the activity feed or send your SD connections an updated photo.

I don’t recommend going more than five days without posting. If you really want to stay on top of things, keep a notebook and/or calendar.  Make sure it’s always evolving, make sure you’re always shopping ahead for necessary items, and organize a content queue.

When you post on Fundmysugarbaby upload a short video. This works well to catch the attention of Sugardaddies and help them choose your content over others.


If your plans relies on your online Sugardaddies paying for content via messaging such as chat or text plans, do weekly or monthly giveaways so that SDs  always feel like they have a chance at winning something.

This can compel them to purchase your content on a monthly subscription and you can receive a constant flow of Sugardaddies purchasing your content.

A good idea is to get your Sugardaddies to guess your next nail or hair color within a designated time frame for a premium video.

Setting Your Prices

When online dating, something people on social media do a lot when it comes to Sugaring is complain about pricing. People who claim they’d never pay for porn saying “Four dollars is too low, you hoes are selling yourselves short,”  and people begging girls with $20 pages to push their  hard limits.

Get used to this, but set a reasonable price, remember your in control so set the prices you feel comfortable with.

When setting up your profiles on Fundmysugarbaby you can either go for the standard plans or set you own prices.

There is a price point for everyone, and each online SD is different so set your limits and if your need some help its always a good idea to check out what other sugarbabies are selling their content for.

The Price Categories: The following are for standard monthly payments

***Basic text plan –$9.99 2- 3 times a week for a month
***2- 3 photos and text plan $19.99 2-3 photos =2-3 texts  a week for a month
***1 Video and text plan $29.99 1 video 5-min plus 2-3 text a week for 1 month

Now remember these prices are monthly There are a few different price models on how to earn an income on Fundmysugababy. You may have to experiment to decide what works for you.

The Price Models:

You can charge a low monthly price as mentioned above to attract as many customers as possible and put full content on your timeline.  The con is, you have a lower retention rate because a good chunk of subscribers are taking advantage of the low price and want to see everything.

But, as long as you keep your core audience satisfied, this shouldn’t be an issue.  You can charge a low monthly price and put only previews of your hardcore content by sending them in private messages to your Sugardaddies so he knows what to expect when he pays the higher prices.

The con of this model is there will be Sugardaddies who pay and get upset that they don’t have access to full clips— but if the clips are high quality, your core Sugardaddies will pay for them anyways.

You can charge a moderate price and send 2-3-minute-long clips to your paying Sugardaddy as a bonus in your messages, with full videos for sale in your plans $50 -$100.  You’d be surprised at how many people only need 1-2 minutes of content to j&*^ off to, and you can still get money from those who like long videos (10-20 minutes).

You must have high quality and creative content for this model to work long term.  You can charge a moderate price and put full content on the timeline, and charge for custom videos.

A lot of Sugarbabies factor time, quality of production, and fan count into custom content.

Here are things to consider when setting a prices on FundmySugarbaby

Depending on the membership plan you purchased the payout is different for the basic plan of $9.99  ( for a one-time payment) there is a 20% commission to consider this however is a good plan to start off with as you get an idea how sugaring works.

The next plan is $19.99 : and the payout is 90% which is very good and the highest in the industry. This is suitable for Sugarbabies with some experience and followers so you can quickly recoup your membership payment by having one of your followers purchase your content

Finally, and this is so awesome there is a $24.99 which is a 100% payout to you as a sugarbaby. With one payout from a Sugardaddy you can easily recoup your payment and will continually receive 100% every time a Sugardaddy purchases your content, its safe, secure and the quickest way to receive a steady income from your regulars

 Are you getting nude?

Now the next piece of advice is wholly dependent on what you are comfortable with offering and how far you want to go…

Offering nude content (No? Aim lower) Are you masturbating? (Yes, aim higher) Are you having sex with other people? (aim higher) Are you doing anal? (Yes, aim higher) How long are your videos? (2 minutes and longer? Aim higher)

Do you have crystal clear videos and killer sound? ($8 per min minimum) How much do you spend on costumes, toys, hair, makeup, travel, sets? (If you change things up frequently, aim higher, People will see the effort!)

So if your thinking of online dating why not try Sugardating and finding a Sugardaddy to help support your lifestyle, one thing to get right is your prices. having the right content with the right prices will help you achieve a good income and the effort and time you spend can pay off with just one Generous Sugardaddy.

If your a Sugarbaby looking to offer unique content to online Sugardaddies, or if your just starting out on your online dating adventure why not join us at www.fundmysugarbaby.com  the first online dating platform designed for connecting Sugarbabys and Sugardaddies for online experiences.


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  1. Hi <3 i loved reading your article. If i am allowed to give my experience in how i got the most fun and best out of this.

    Two words: Show vulnerable. Let daddy's start to care about you.

    Share what is going on in your mind and ask them for advice, wage and follow it. You bond a lot and you show you appreciate them and that's very great for long term.

    Sorry for my english, it's not my first. XXX