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Purchase a membership plan and Sell Custom Content 

Receive 80% payout for Basic plans

Receive 90% payout for Premium plans

Receive 100% payout for Platinum plans

*Payment processing fees apply 

Visit our terms and conditions page for more info

Create Monthly Subscription Plans

Fundmysugarbaby is platform for content creators to sell Customized Content though subscriptions safely and securely online.

Fundmysugarbaby receives a percentage of the income you earn when you sell your content on the platform. 


FMSB currently offers 3 membership plans to creators

The starter or Basic Plan with a one time payment of $12.99 lets members receive an 80% payout (minus payment processing fees) for any content sold to SugarDaddies.

Also we have our 90% Premium Plan for only $24.99 which includes all of the above benefits, along with an industry first 90% payout (minus payment processing fees) for any content sold using this membership plan.

Now he have gone 1 step further and we offer our amazing 100% Platinum Plan for only $49.99 which is the first ever plan to offer a full 100% payout to members (minus payment processor fees) for selling content online.

Receive payment from FMSB for providing your Custom Content to your supporters as long as its within the law and follows our SUGARBABY GUIDELINES and TERMS OF CONDITIONS.

FMSB will make payments directly to content creators at the end of either 14-day or 30-day escrow period depending on the membership plan purchased. 

When creators receive payment they will receive an email indicating that one of the plans have been purchased, how much was paid and by which member.

Please make contact within 48 hours to start your plan. Failure to contact your sponsor within 48 may result in your sponsor requesting a Refund for non delivery.

Members can be contacted though direct messaging available on the FMSB platform . A payment bar will also appear on your profile page  indicating a purchase has been made of your content.

Messaging & Downloading Content

Messaging and Downloading/Uploading  of content is performed on our platform though our inbuilt messaging and media system, you can also set up private groups to communicate with your own Sponsors in private.

Content Creators are able to send customized or pre prepared content, photos, video and reply to messages, answer chats and queries, arrange times and dates for delivery of content. 

For safety and security of your content Fundmysugarbaby DOES NOT store or keep any of your content on our platform, all content is delivered during the month of purchase arranged between yourself and your Sugardaddy sponsor. 

FOR SAFETY AND INTEGRITY OF OUR SERVICES UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will you DISCLOSE PERSONAL INFORMATION, EMAILS, or ATTEMPT to communicate outside of the Fundmysugarbaby platform, unless a sponsor has purchased your content in ADVANCE.

Members found to violate  these condition will have their account immediately deleted and banned for the FMSB Platform.


PAYMENTS ARE MADE after the 14-day or 30-day escrow period (in accordance to their membership level) AFTER PURCHASE OF CONTENT.

Please ensure you already have a PayPal account to receive your funds.

Paypal International transactions PayPal charges are currently 4.4% transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on currency 

Failed Payments

Sometimes payments will be declined, usually due to a credit card error. When a payment fails, the backers are repeatedly notified to update their payment information. However, we cannot guarantee that all payments will be collected, which may affect your payout amount.


If your account is in USA, Canada, Australia or the UK, we offer currency payment options to allow sugarbabies to set up their plans in their preferred currencies.


We are not tax professionals, however income from selling your content may be subject to income taxes, so please check with a tax professional to make sure your bases are covered.

We recommend that you talk to a tax professional about your specific content and insist that you comply with all relevant local laws.