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General F.A.Qs

FundmySugarbaby is the first platform dedicated to Online SugarBabies and Online SugarDaddies. Sugarbabies can sell their personal and customized content  ie: Chat, texting plan, photos, videos, girlfriend experiences, companionship etc..  They are sold as one off payments for their fans, followers and SugarDaddies.

FundmySugarbaby provides a safe and secure Platform for members to exchange payments online without the need to exchange any personal or private information.

All purchases are paid in advance, and held in escrow by FMSB for 14-30 days to ensure delivery of content.

After either 14-30 days period, payments are made directly into the SugarBaby’s Paypal Account.

This policy serves as FMSB’s service guarantee and protection policy for both SugarBabies and SugarDaddies. Privacy and security is assured for SugarBabies and SugarDaddies, and the delivery of the agreed content is assured for SugarDaddies.

Fundmysugarbaby support 2 categories of members.

Online SugarBabies: Women who are interested in selling Custom Content safely and securely to other members on the platform and to use a custom link to sell custom content to their own connections, fans and followers on social media.

Online SugarDaddies: Men who are interested in making connections with and purchase custom content from our SugarBabies.

All communication and payments are required to go through FMSB. Members found violating our terms and conditions and/or trying to message and connect outside of our platform will be immediately removed from our community. 

FMSB’s policy is to ensure the safety and security for all members. All communications and payment transactions are required to take place on the platform.

The most important reason to verify your account is that you can receive Payment for your Content. Only Sugarbabies with a verified Account can receive payments from Sugardaddies on our platform.

A Verified account means that you have supplied a verification photo and in some cases proof of Age to FMSB, and your account has been checked as authentic by FMSB. From our experience Verified members receive 10X more contacts from Sugardaddies than non-verified members

Verified members will receive a Blue Badge displayed on their profile page. Generally before a member makes a purchase from your memberships, SDs will look for a blue verified badge to ensure you and your account are real. 

A blue verification badge gives your profile trust and lets other members know that your account is safe to purchase content from.

SugarBaby Members upgraded to a paid plan (Basic, Premium or Platinum) can sell monthly subscriptions or receive one time payments from SugarDaddies. The custom content plans appear directly on the profile page.

All purchases from Standard Packages and Custom Plans can be made as a one-off purchase or a monthly subscription purchase. To select monthly subscription, SugarDaddies simply select the recurring payment option that’s  available on the SugarBaby’s profile page.

Depending on the SugarBaby’s Paid Tier, both one off and monthly payments are held in Escrow for either 14 or 30 days.

After delivery of content and the expiry of the the escrow period, payment will be released to the SugarBaby’s Payment account.


If you want to start selling your content, please visit our Membership Plans page to purchase a membership plan! Start today! 

For SugarBabies Paid Membership starts from $19.99 

Once a Sugarbaby has purchased a membership plan, SBs can start to receive payments for their custom content, send private messages and receive a custom link to promote on social media channels.

For SugarDaddies, membership is $39.99.

First is to fill out the registration form then create your account. You will be sent an activation link to the email you have provided. After Activation All applications are manually approved within 24 hrs before gaining full access to FMSB.

After approval all members can then complete their profile page according to the completion setup guide on their profile page.

upload 3-4 attractive photos to your profile page. PG-13 Only (No Adult images are allowed)

Plus 1 Verification photo of yourself holding a Handwritten sign saying Fundmysugarbaby, to verify your account .

After uploading the required photos and verification photo Sugarbabies can then purchase a Custom membership (one time payment) either $9.99, $19.99 or $24.99 (annually)

After purchasing your plan FMSB Staff will set up your subscription plans onto your profile . Please allow 24 hours to complete this process.

When subscription plans have been added to your profile page, Online Sugarbabies are then able to sell their custom content to members on the platform.

Sugarbabies will also receive a custom link to promote on social media platforms, to gain more exposure for their profile and content. 


Members are able to contact any member on the site though our messaging system. 

Absolutely. FMSB  never distributes or sells any information from our users we do not keep any information on our servers. Any content you share is strictly between you and your user that purchases your content.

When you sign-up to FMSB upload attractive photos. Profiles with good quality photos attract 20x more hits than profiles with No photos. 

PHOTOS : When you do upload photos, think carefully about which pictures to use. Guys DON’T  post pictures or of yourself drinking beer, shirtless, or out of focus,  try to impress and use an attractive profile photo to attract the best possible members to your profile page.

Ladies DON’T use photos with your ex boyfriend snipped out or cute kitty or best friends together. ( N.S.F.W photos will result in your profile deletion) Use a clean attractive face shot, smiling look relaxed and natural, we have found members with these images tend to receive the most connections from Sugardaddy members.

DESCRIPTIONS : A lot of About Me and custom content information text is poorly written. Members will read these sections on your profile page and make a judgement on weather to connect with you based on this information.

Describe yourself, what your looking for and what special services or custom offers you are able to offer.

If you have listed no interests or a very short About me description in your profile then chances are you may not get many connections, because SDs won’t have way to make a  connection and start a conversation.

MESSAGING : When you message other members be sure to write a message that is interesting and doesn’t make you came across as being desperate. Nearly everyone reads messages that you send them.

More than 80% of members will decide to take a look at your profile before they decide to purchase your membership plans.

MAKING THE FIRST MOVE  : Don’t think that putting up your profile and setting up membership plans is all you have to do.

If everyone were to wait for someone else to contact them then there would be no point to it all.

Browse around and when you find members you think you could connect with, make the first move and send a connection request.

RESPECT : Finally always respect other members on the platform.

if you find inappropriate, offensive, harrasment or bad behaviors from any member you can easily block them from contacting you, buy hitting the block button on their profile page. Or simply report them to FMSB who will take immediate action to solve any dispute.

SugarBaby F.A.Qs


Purchase one of our paid membership plans starting from $19.99 

Follow the instructions on the welcome email to verify your account.

UPLOAD 3-4 profile photos and start engaging with SDs on the platform. 

Once your account is verified, FMSB Staff will set up a standard custom content plans onto your profile. (Platinum members can request customized content plan with up to 6 product offerings).

“With custom content plans SBs can set up different plans with recurring payments, your own descriptions, prices, and currency preference.”


If you have any questions regarding membership plans please contact us via our Contact Us form  

An Allowance goal is set at $2000 but can be raised when your target is reached. This amount is your target goal that you wish to receive each month.

Please view a sample profile with memberships HERE

Setting up your Verification Blue Badge on your Profile Correctly..

After you sign up for a paid plan, really to the welcome email with 1 photo (selfie) showing your face and holding a handwritten sign saying “FundmySugarbaby”. The verification is needed to make sure that the content you intend to sell is yours. This photo can also be sent to Kelly (Support) at customer support for verification.

Please do not upload your photo to your account.

* Pls note ONLY Sugarbabies that have purchased a PAID MEMBERSHIP PLAN are able to receive payments from SugarDaddies 

**Paid Member SugarBabies without verification can receive payments but their payments cannot be released from escrow until verification is complete. 

***Some Sugarbabies may also be required to supply Government proof of age identification to confirm they are 18 years or older.


FMSB has 3 different paid membership plans for SugarBabies. Currently the plans start from $19.99. The higher the membership plan, the lower the commission charged by FMSB for selling custom content.

For a one time payment of $19.99 SugarBabies can receive an 80% payout on any purchases made though her membership plan* (*minus PayPal transaction fees).

  • This plan is ideal for SugarBabies just starting as an Online Sugarbaby 

For a one time payment of $29.99 SugarBabies can receive an 90% payout on any purchases made though her membership plan* (*minus PayPal transaction fees).

  • This plan is perfect for Sugarbabies that have followers on social media and can make connections by promoting her custom link to her fans.

For a one time payment of $49.99 SugarBabies can receive an 100% payout on any purchases made though her membership plan* (minus PayPal transaction fees).

  • Great for Sugarbabies, webcams models, Onlyfans users  that already has followers and would like to receive full payment for selling their content online to their sugardaddies and followers 

FMSB does not charge any other fees apart from the above mentioned for SugarBabies. For more details on pricing please check our Pricing Page HERE.


SugarDaddies who are interested in messaging SugarBabies to get to know them and discuss content purchases, have to make a one time payment of $49.99 to join the Pro SugarDaddy Plan.

In addition to being able to message SugarBabies, PRO SugarDaddies get featured on a special PRO SugarDaddy listing, as well as benefit from being on the featured list, and have a VERIFIED badge for increased exposure. PRO Sugardaddies get 50x the connection requests from SugarBabies as compared to SugarDaddies on a Free plan.

After setting up your profile page with your subscriptions and prices, the next step is to find Sugardaddies interested in purchasing your Content.

With Fundmysugarbaby you don’t need 1000s of followers purchasing your content but you do need a few Sugardaddies who will often prefer exclusivity of you and your time, and will pay larger amounts.

FMSB have new Sugardaddies joining our platform daily, so u can start off with contacting them, but remember we have 1000s of Sugarbabies so there is a lot of competition.

The most effective way to promote your FMSB profile is in your social media profiles, bios, and through your content.

So, if you are texting , commenting or publishing images on your social media simply add your FMSB account link to your content and invite your connections to see more by subscribing to your FMSB profile page

The more your promote it and the more you work at it, the more Sugardaddies you’ll get.

As your content on most platforms is free, you need to strike a balance so don’t hard sell it but frequently invite people to join you and enjoy an exclusive experience with you on Fundmysugarbaby.

Verified and Premium Sugarbabies are recommended to join FMSB social media platforms below, where you can find additional Sugardaddies as well.

By using your CUSTOM LINK supplied and using multiply ways though our community and on social media you can now connect safely and receive payments.

DISCORD Server  https://discord.gg/rP8qkNQBJb

Online Sugar Reddit   https://www.reddit.com/r/onlineSugar/

Twitter  https://twitter.com/Sugarbabyfunds

When a Sugardaddy purchases your Membership plan you will receive an email from FMSB informing you of the details and the purchase. 

Sugarbabies are required to contact their Sugardaddy within 48 hours to start a membership plan, failure to contact your SD with 48 hrs can allow your SD to cancel his payment and request a refund if desired. 

Sugarbabies will receive funds through our payment processor. for PayPal you are required to have a PayPal account and email so that we can send payment to your email account. (pls contact us to arrange an alternative method for payment if you don’t have PayPal)

To make a PayPal Account and use PayPal on FMSB, you can learn more about PayPal and sign up for an account Here.

FundmySugarbaby will send payment within in 14 0r 30 days depending on the membership plan( premium plan is 14 days)  after a user purchases your membership plan.

This is to ensure delivery of content. FMSB holds the balance in escrow for 14 or 30 days. 

FMSB will then pay the balance, minus payment processor and FMSB fees. The balance will be deposited into your nominated PayPal account.

Remember once a Sugardaddy purchases  your membership plan, A Sugarbaby is required to make contact with your SD within 48 hrs and then deliver your content as described in your description.

The sky’s the limit on how much money you can earn on Fundmysugarbaby.

The more Sugardaddies that join your membership plans the more you can earn.

Your success will depend on your ability to connect with and convert your followers into paying Sugardaddies.

Using our platform to find Sugardaddies, and receive payment safely, as well as reaching out to your Social media followers fans and friends, will help you reach your financial goals much sooner.

FMSB was initially created to provide women a safe and secure platform to exchange custom content and receive payment over the internet.   

For your safety and protection against fraud and fake accounts Never Request or Exchange personal emails, phone numbers, PayPal, or offer your personal contact details, real name, accept payment outside of your memberships or request SDs personal information 

Any member found violating these rules will have their account immediately deleted and blocked from the FMSB platform. 

Additionally, all members can report any member on our platform, if they feel they are intimidated or another member is attempting to abuse our platform. 

By simply tapping on the blue report button on each members message box and sending us a comment as to the problem. FMSB will investigate the incident and take appropriate action.

You can promote your plans  by posting new content often on our activity feed page . People are more likely to purchase your plans if they see lots of posts with content.

Place your FMSB custom link in the “About” fields of your social media profiles, share posts via Twitter or Reddit advertise your Custom Link anywhere you have followers. 

No: Contacting other members outside of FMSB is strictly prohibited due to safety and security of all our members personal information. Any member found violating these terms will be removed immediately without warning  from our platform.

We strongly recommend to keep all communication with your chosen Sugar Daddy on our platform.

There may be instances when it is more convenient to connect message and exchange content on other social media platforms, in these cases payment to your memberships should be made by Sugardaddies in advance before moving onto other platforms.

To Protect from fraud, and scams NEVER exchange your personal information with any member, if in doubt please contact our support staff for further information 

There have been cases in the past, where members have made arrangements outside of FMSB only later to be scammed and have their savings and personal information stolen.

No. For safety and security on the platform

We do not allow outside links on our platform

Links will be removed immediately from the FMSB platform, as posting unauthorized links creates a security risk for our members and jeopardizes the safety of the community.

Displaying and uploading an unauthorized link on Fundmysugarbaby will result in your account suspended and blocked from Fundmysugarbaby.com

No, FMSB does not allow Adult postings or images on our platform, and we are unable to accept or display any Adult content on Fundmysugarbaby.

However, you can discuss with members what they would like to receive for your customized content plan, then deliver what is appropriate for you and your Sugardaddy.

You can share your content privately with another member after they subscribe to your plans and custom content, as long as the content conforms to our terms and conditions and Sugar Guidelines, stipulated in our policies.

Keep all photos, videos and text displayed on the front end of the platform within the guidelines (PG-13) and family friendly, and you should have no problems.

Displaying and uploading inappropriate material, on Fundmysugarbaby will get your account suspended and blocked from Fundmysugarbaby.com

We are not tax professionals, however income from your Custom plans may be subject to income taxes, so please check with a tax professional to make sure your bases are covered.

FundmySugarbaby is just a delivery mechanism, like the postal system, it doesn’t change your legal obligations. it also depends on where you are located, and how you reward your supporters.

We recommend that you talk to a tax professional about your specific campaign and we always insist that you comply with all relevant local laws.

Other users can see only the information that is displayed on your profile. Profile name, @username, avatar with cover pictures and the photos and description you have added to your profile page

You can set your profile to either everyone, members only, or only me (private) by going to settings — account — privacy 

By Default all members profiles are set to everyone, the Home page (Activity Feed page ) is view only, non members cannot interact or view a members profile page. 

SugarDaddy F.A.Qs


There is a one time SugarDaddy joining fee of $39.99 which will give SugarDaddies a PRO designation.

PRO designation makes you a featured member you get to enjoy the platform’s full messaging benefits.

SugarDaddies should keep in mind that there is an implicit expectation of content purchase when SugarDating. Members are expected to purchase content from SugarBabies and not just string them along through messaging. Failure to purchase content after reasonable number of contacts with SugarBabies may result in account suspension, as your account will be deemed not to meet the community guidelines.

Please view our How it Works Page to review the latest information and how to register an  account

You can quickly search a keyword or name using the search field on the all members Page type in name, country or your preferences in the search box.

When you find your ideal SugarBaby you can make a connection request to message each other.

When your request has been accepted by the other member, then you can start to message and contact each other.

When you find a SugarBaby you like it’s good to get to get to know each other and ask what exactly the SugarBaby is offering in return for payment. Avoid disappointment and disputes by making sure you both have the same expectations from the arrangement.

Once you decide to purchase content, simply go to the SugarBabies Profile Page, click on the subscribe button for the content that you want, and then you’ll be able to complete payment by filling out your Basic information.

The payment form will then direct you to PayPal to complete the transaction.

FMSB will then send an email to you and the SugarBaby to confirm the transaction and to notify the SugarBaby begin the arrangement. (pls note due to time differences there may be a delay in starting a plan please allow up to 48 hours for a Sugarbaby to begin an arrangement)  

*For all transactions FMSB offers a 14-30 day money back guarantee to ensure a SugarBaby delivers her content according to the arrangement.

if any discrepancy occurs, or a SugarBaby is unable to deliver her content FMSB will refund payment back to your payment method.  

FMSB require SugarBabies to verify their account by sending verification photos and in some cases, government id to show proof of age.

FMSB will then check and verify their account for authenticity with our security software.

To ensure your SugarBaby is Genuine and real, FMSB strongly advises that you only communicate with our Verified and Premium SugarBabies.

SugarBabies that have not paid for a plan are not verified and are unable to contact with SugarDaddies.

Finally FMSB offers a FREE 30 DAY moneyback guarantee when purchasing content from Verified SugarBabies. So when purchasing content through FMSB, you can be rest assured that you will receive your content as agreed with your SugarBaby, or you’ll receive a full refund. 

We accept PayPal and credit card payments processed by Paypal. 

FMSB does not store credit card numbers. Our payment processor PayPal, operate with the highest level of security and encryption technology.

When purchasing content from a SugarBaby, no personal or financial information will be disclosed by Paypal to the receiving party.

For all transactions though FMSB we offer a 14 or 30 day money back guarantee when purchasing Verified Sugarbabies’ Content.

If any dispute arises or if a SugarBaby is unable to deliver her content during the 14 or 30 days, FMSB will refund your payment to you.  

After purchase, if you haven’t been contacted by your SB first, please do contact your SugarBaby within 48 hrs to confirm the arrangement and start your plan.

Sugarbabies are responsible for delivering their content according to her description displayed on her profile page.

Please note:

Monthly recurring payments can only be canceled from your PayPal account. Recurring payments are handled by PayPal, so cancellation of recurring content subscriptions cannot be done on FMSB.

When purchasing content from a SugarBabies profile page, there is a tick box on the payment form to make the payment anonymous.

Please make sure to check the box to ensure your payment anonymous 

Payments made to purchase FundmySugarbaby content are generally considered to be personal gifts and are not considered to be tax-deductible.

However, as we are not tax advisors, please discuss your personal circumstances with a tax professional to determine your tax status.

Simply go to your profile avatar in the header menu there you will see account settings in the drop down and you can set your profile to either everyone can view, connections only or only me (private).

Having your profile set to everyone will allow all sugarbabies to view your profile information and you will receive more requests for connections from Sugarbabies

Keep in mind having a Avatar or profile photo will also increase your connections by 20x compared to no profile image.

No. Contacting other members outside of FMSB is strictly prohibited due to security reasons. Any member found violating these terms will be removed immediately without warning  from our platform.

We strongly recommend you keep all communication with your chosen SugarBaby on our platform.

There may be instances when it is more convenient to connect message and exchange content on other social media platforms, in these cases payment is required to made via memberships at first.

To receive our payment protection all payments are required to be made through FMSB to verified sugarbabies. 

There have been cases in the past, where Sugarbabies have contacted members using outside arrangements only to disappear, leaving Sugardaddies with no content or possibility for a refund.

To avoid these issues we recommend all payments at least should be protected and processed via FMSB.