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About Me

Hello I am Pippa, I was born in Magelang Indonesia near the wonderful Mahayana Buddhist temple Borobudor.


I really miss out a dad-figure since my real dad never got to raise me, and my stepdad and i just never really connected. I am looking for someone i can really trust and who loves to have me as his daughter to share life experiences with and to guide me in choices in my life.


I am after longterm friendships and relationships, so honestly i am not after cashing as my main goal. Chatting is safe and fun so lets focus on that please before we move on.


My chatplans are mainly chat plans but i do understand sometimes you want more so make an offer if you want NSFW photos or  some personal video’s. Sexy talk is free ofcourse but guide me in it, i am not that experienced ehm


If we really connect well i would like to make the step to meet reallife. Roadtrips in the USA or Australia are really high on my wishlist.


Take care and ty for reading XOXOXO

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