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How it Works

FMSB is the first Online Community dedicated to help Sugarbabies and Sugardaddies meet online together and exchange customized content safely and securely over the internet.

Online Sugarbabies / Sugardaddies can now connect and sell personalized content to their followers, fans and supporters.

We have created this community to establish a safe free zone for members to sell custom content via subscription plans, without the fear of being scammed, conned or having one’s personal information compromised 

SugarBabies choose paid membership plan for a low one time setup fee, and upload a verification photo + 3-4 photos (PG-13) and start selling your custom content (photos, videos, GFE, chat, texting, companionship Private Content to Sugardaddies Today …

SugarDaddies Browse or purchase a one time PRO membership and become a Featured Sugardaddy receive unlimited connections in our community.

With a PRO SugarDaddy Plan, you can chat with unlimited SugarBabies, make unlimited connections and purchase customized content directly from your favorite Online SugarBaby now.

Girls start an Online Sugar-lifestyle today..

Sell your custom content safely and securely over the internet and receive payment from Fundmysugarbaby direct to your account

All Members Must be 18 years or older to register. *SBs may be required to provide Government proof of age to confirm their age and identity.

Sugarbabies can sign up, browse for SugarDaddy members in our community, and then you are almost set custom content to earn some immediate cash.

After signing up, you are required to verify your account before being able to sell your custom content on the platform. This protects our members from fraud and illegal activities.

After completing your registration each application is manually reviewed by FMSB staff for compliance (within 24hrs). Once your details have been checked, your account will then be activated.

Setting up your Profile Page Correctly

To start SugarBabies are required to upload one profile photo, and one Verification photo (selfie) showing your face while holding a hand-written note saying Fundmysugarbaby. *Without a verification photo SBs cannot receive payments.

Next upload 3-4 attractive photos face, body-profile, etc.  (PG-13 rated), to display on your profile page. *remember this is what SugarDaddies browse through before making purchases. So make sure it’s enticing and keep them wanting more!

Purchasing a Membership plan 

To message SugarDaddies, and to sell content, SugarBabies are required to purchase either a Basic, Premium or our new Platinum plan.

80% Basic Plan (one time payment) HERE

90% Premium Plan (one time payment) HERE

100% Platinum Plan (one time payment) HERE

For Basic and Premium plans FMSB will add a standard content packages to your profile page, so you can start receiving payments from SugarDaddies.

For Platinum plans members, SugarBabies can choose up-to 6 different price packages, add custom descriptions, prices, send & receive messages, get a featured profile, and have a choice of preferred currency payment. 

If you have any questions regarding membership plans, please contact us via our Contact Form.  

An allowance target is set at $2000, but can be raised when your Goal is reached. Take a look at the sample profile HERE to get an idea of what paid plans provide.

Receiving Payment for Content.

In order to receive payment when a SugarDaddy buys content from a SugarBaby, you’ll have to provide your payment email to FMSB. This is entered on your profile page. SugarDaddies will NOT see this payment email, nor will you see the payment email of your SugarDaddy. FMSB acts as a neutral third party to protect the privacy and security of both SugarBabies and SugarDaddies.

For further information on payment and prices please view our Pricing Policy for more details.

Guys, join up and become an Online SugarDaddy Now!

FMSB is a community where people who are looking for deeper social connections beyond just Photos and Videos can connect. 

Sign up and Purchase a One time PRO SugarDaddy Plan HERE  

Message and chat with an unlimited number of SugarBabies and purchase custom content direct from them!

Whether you want Girlfriend Experiences, chatting/texting, exclusive photos or customized videos, start a conversation with your SugarBaby and see what they can offer!

We have 1000s of Verified SugarBabies waiting to connect online now.

Costs and Expectations

Fundmysugarbaby is an Online SugarDating community. Since payment is expected in any SugarDating arrangement, members are expected connect for the purposes of purchasing of content.

Sugarbabies offer a range of services and content. Some will even offer personalized and customized content if you get to know them better.

For SugarDaddies looking for something a little more personal, the first step is to get to know your SugarBaby better. You can’t expect to request custom and personalized content right off the bat. If they don’t know you well, how can they personalize content for you? Make a connection, and if you bond, then go ahead and make a request for customized content. Wait and see if your Sugarbaby is able to deliver, but DO NOT BE PUSHY!

All prices for pre-packaged content are displayed on a SugarBaby’s profile page and can be purchased directly from her Profile. For anything else, it is up to you to discuss with your SugarBaby.

Start an Online connection and support a Sugarbaby Today.

Contacting and sending Messages to Sugarbabies.

Only Basic, Premium andPlatinum Sugarbabies can receive/send messages and sell custom content. 

* please note: Sugarbabies without the above mentioned membership plans have not been verified. Discussing payment with or purchase of content from these unverified members may involve some risk. In order to protect our community, unverified SugarBabies are unable to receive messages until they have verified their account.

Similarly, only SugarDaddies who have purchased the SugarDaddy PRO plan can message SugarBabies. 

After joining, a SugarDaddy can browse the site and see if there are members they are interested in. In order to message and make a connection, a SugarDaddy has to purchase a SugarDaddy PRO plan, to become verified. They will also then be FEATURED and will therefore attract the attention of more SugarBabies.

Sending Payments for Content.

Payments can be made via credit card via our payment processor directly to FMSB via a SugarBaby’s Profile Page.

For safety, all payments are protected and held in escrow by FMSB. The escrow period is between 14-30 days to ensure delivery of content according to the description described in the purchased plan.

In cases of Non-Delivery of content, FMSB provides a full refund within 30 days, to the SugarDaddies’ original method of payment.

Register today and start supporting your favorite Online SugarBaby.

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I have been on here a few months and have made 100s of connections with amazing women from all walks of life. A fun experience and enjoy helping my Sugarbabies reach their dreams.


Computer Science

Stuck in a toxic relationship in my personal life but connecting with women on here has given me a more positive outlook and helped me gain my self confidence back again.   

Baby Jane

College Student

HI Sugardaddies My name is Jane and I  am 19 years old I’m seeking generous kind Sugardaddies that are looking for connections, friendship, and something special.


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Join our community and start building connections and developing friendships today.

We make sure every member  offering content is verified and genuine so you can feel safe your connecting with real people every time.


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