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Shiny new SB with the plastic still on


Hello all!

I'm a new SB, and thought I would introduce myself. I'm pretty laid back and shy, and I would say I'm more of a tomboy but get me the right tools and I love stealing the show or being the Belle of the ball. What can I say, I do love me some sparkly things...I might be part squirrel tbh šŸ˜› I'm definitely a tiny bit of a nerd. To flash my nerd cred I am fluent in anatomy, as I spent hundreds of hours in school working with cadavers. I love science in general, particularly biology and psychology and I like the idea of physics but way too much math for me! I also worked for a while in chemistry R&D.

Other interests of mine are animals (dogs are the best people!), reading and TV/movies (psychological thrillers, murder mystery, suspense, sci-fi, etc), music (I like most music but my ideal genre is rock that combines beautiful melodic vocals with orchestra and EDM, two examples are Starset and Evanescence's Synthesis album), video games, etc.

Let's start chatting and get to know each other better!

I need a new TV show STAT.

Topic starter Posted : February 17, 2020 2:25 am
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