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What to Charge for my Sugarbaby Rewards?

What to Charge for my Sugarbaby Rewards?

FundmySugarbaby is a platform to sell your exclusive content, to your Sugardaddies, fans and followers by creating multiple membership plans and selling your content as a monthly subscription plan to reach your monthly allowance.

Sometimes when it comes to money, it can be a challenge to ask your Sugardaddy for payment when you meet, and deciding how much to charge for your time.

As what often happens every Sugar daddy doesnt know what is the proper amount, and what is generally okay or not okay when he gives an allowance to his sugarbaby, so there is a huge variation on what you may receive.

At Fundmysugarbaby we have removed this problem by allowing Sugarbabies to create membership plans and post prices directly on their own Profile page to reach your monthly allowance target.

Buy doing this, we have removed the ambiguity and confusion surrounding allowances and in turn your Sugardaddies can now have a clear guide as to what to pay for your content as stated clearly in your membership prices.

Sugarbabies can Set up-to 6 different monthly membership plans and provide exclusive content to Sugardaddies either online through messaging, photos, gifts, videos, online G.F.E, exclusive content etc.

Or in real life meetings though arranging dinner dates or shopping events etc. depending on what Sugarbabies would like to offer.

Sugarbabies set pricing in Advance. 

No need to ask or discuss prices as everything is transparent and clearly detailed in each membership tier.

Sugardaddies pay in advance and Sugarbabies receive the funds to their account, then the membership content is provided after Payment.  For more information view our How it Works to learn more  –

What is the average allowance?

This sugar baby allowance guide will help to give you an idea for your pricing structure towards setting up your membership tiers and what to offer as content

What is the average sugar baby Campaign?

There are two common approaches, for Sugarbabies Online and In Real Life. (I.R.L)

Monthly Memberships Plans

In this case SDs support a SB by backing one of her membership plans. The prices may vary depending on the membership you offer; some Online plans set by SBs may be a text tier or a pre-recorded video message or a set of photos provided on a monthly basis $10-$30


One on one Messaging/Chat, $10-$50 (20min, 30 min, 1hour)

Personal lingerie, or gifts $20-$100

Photos packs, $20-$50

Pre recorded Videos, $30-$100 

Special Request Videos $100-$200 

Online Video Chat $50-$200 (15min, 30min, 1 Hour)

Online Girlfriend Experience $50-$100 per date

SBs Membership Plans

As shown here, offering a variety of Membership tiers allows Sugarbabies to maximize offerings and gives Sugardaddies more options to choose your membership plan .

Fundmysugarbaby offers SBs 3 standard plans when joining

Text/Chat ….. $9.99

Photos/Chat ….. $19.99

Video/Chat ….. $29.99

Sugarbabies then set the timing, length, content and how often you can provide options.

We recommend providing content 1-2 x per week for the standard plans then encouraging your SDs to support your Higher priced Custom Plans.

Sugarbabies can also create 3 more Personalized Plans where you can offer Customized or V.I.P content for higher priced plans, this is where you can really leverage your content to receive big monthly payments.

Dating in real life

As opposed to Online dating, traditional face to face date is also an option you can offer, but with I.R.L dating you can start at a higher price bracket.  Depending on your location and city the price will vary.

An in real life (I.R.L) Dating membership plan is where you meet for a date. In the top cities like New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco the prices would be higher.

  • lowest – $300 PPM
  • average – $500
  • top ladies – $500-1800

In the smaller cities prices are slightly lower.

  • lowest – $200 PPM
  • average – $300-500
  • top lady – $800-1500

Monthly allowances

Monthly allowance

There is another option for your SB memberships and that is the Monthly Allowances :

SBs can also set up monthly allowances targets so sugardaddies can offer a monthly allowance to receive regular and personalized arrangements on a regular basis.

For Ex: set up a $2000.00 Monthly allowance and offer your content or girlfriend experience regularly during the month , create exclusive content talking and texting to each on a regular basis during the month, the more you provide the higher prices you can charge.

These larger monthly allowances rewards will usually come from In Real life (I.R.L) meet such as regular dating together, and the difference between a monthly allowance for the ladies from the big cities and for the women from elsewhere.

  • lowest – $2000
  • average – $3000
  • top ladies – $6000-10000

For the smaller cities the pay per meet are different.

  • lowest – $1000
  • average – $2000
  • top ladies – $5000

Monthly Sugardaddy allowance or “Membership tiers plans ” system: what’s more beneficial?

Fortunately on Fundmysugarbaby you can now have both. A Campaign which includes monthly membership plans for smaller amounts where you provide personalized content or monthly subscriptions.

And you also receive one large amount each month for being there for your Sugardaddy whenever he needs you.

Depending on your goal you may have an unexpected bill you have to pay, then you could set up your membership tiers with a specific goals, on the other hand if you have recurring bills, college fees or need help with meeting your monthly rent, you could set up a Monthly allowance subscription plan.

TIP: using both one time membership tier and monthly allowances can help you reach your goal much faster.

Let’s look through the pros of each method.

Benefits of monthly Membership Tiers

  • make a set amount of content with pre recorded content, no need to make new content all the time
  • preferred when you have a set expense, bill or goal to meet.
  • you can pay off an unexpected bills.  

Benefits of Monthly Allowances

  • is more preferable for mid and long-term arrangements
  • you control the frequency of contact and set your own requirements
  • build up a large following over time and increase your monthly return
  • receive regular support for ongoing living costs and expenses.

The money is paid at the end of each month into your PAYPAL account less fees, but always make it clear in your description what you are offering to avoid any chargebacks to your account or disappointment from your backers.

Fundmysugarbaby allows you to reach your Funding goal.

As a general rule Offline dating or in real life meetings will result in the bigger reward payments by Sugardaddies. However if you prefer strictly online rewards and never plan to meet in person then you can set up your membership plans with online rewards only.


Sugar dating has been very beneficial practice for many men, because: they can save a lot of time and get right to what they want from a relationship.

Also, there is a wide choice of young and beautiful women. No strings attached, so they are free to change partners and even date several girls at once.

Now Fundmysugarbaby can give a little more control back to women by requesting payment up front, setting your type of membership tiers you feel comfortable to offer, and receive payment up front before ever delivering or meeting a sugar daddy.

By setting realistic goals, being honest and up front and promoting your memberships, Sugargarbabies now have an opportunity to raise funds for their own personal needs and anybody over the age of 18 can give it a try.



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  1. Nice background and guide for suggesting payments from sugar daddies. But how do I set up a campaign to begin crowdfunding . Thx