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How Reward Ideas Can Get You Funded

One of the reasons Sugaring works is the concept of reciprocity.

That is, you are not just asking for a money, you are giving something in return to say ‘thank you’ as well.

Research has been done on what makes great rewards. Here are our top tips:

Aim for 5-7 reward levels

It’s about choice. You want to offer the Backers options, but not so many that they get overwhelmed and confused. Too few rewards limit the appeal of your campaign. On the other hand, providing too much choice can make the decision harder, and therefore result in no decision at all.

Start low, finish high

Some Sugardaddies will want to support you, but might not have a lot to give. $5 is a great place to start your rewards. Equally, if you don’t have a super-high reward, you could be throwing money away. The key thing to remember is people will pay what you ask for, so pricing is important. 

You might find it hard to believe that a Sugardaddy will give you thousands of dollars for your campaign – perhaps no one will – but it’s not unheard of for Sugardaddies to make $5,000, or even $10,000 gifts when they connect with a Sugarbaby , or perhaps they really just want your reward. Think big, it might just pay off!

$30 is the magic number

Another awesome piece of information is that the $30 level is the most popular.  There is a caveat to this reward amount, however. You can get away with just a thank you on social media, or Backer updates at lower levels, but at $30, people expect something of substance. 

That can be a download, or a product, or an experience, but it must be of worth it.

Think strategically

Try and structure your rewards so you can hit the 10% and 30% marks as soon as possible.

These are the numbers that have been found to be critical in gaining momentum.

Case Study

Jane took some photos of herself in various settings, positions and lighting at home and at the beach and made a nice collection which turned out great.

Jane decided to offer a photo collection as a one-off reward. she described to her sugardaddies  that the photos would be on sale soon on her Campaign page. 

She casually mentioned that she had some very sexy photos of herself and they would be available for purchase.

When designing her rewards, Jane priced the collection at 5% of the total budget for the month .

Jane made sure her Sugardaddies were able to receive the link to her campaign.

Just as Jane had hoped, her Sugardaddies from her connections couldn’t resist – meaning her first Backers could help her reach almost 30% of her target, within the first week!

Digital is awesome

Digital rewards – particularly downloads – are easy for you, and cheap to provide. They’re also something that people want. consider offering your Sugardaddies a download reward. 

Think about how you can quickly and easily distribute your reward after your Campaign has ended. You want to get on with your life, not writing and emailing 100s of Sugardaddies all at the same time !

Make original rewards

Yes, studying other similar projects is a good way to come up with crowdfunding rewards, but original ideas sell. Your primary goal is to make your Backers think “I love this project, and I have got to have that!” 

You are original and unique. So is your project. You can come up with ideas that are also original and unique.

People love experiences

Whether it be photos, videos, V.I.P content  or a dinner date with you, people love to be part of something. A simple and effective way to do this is to offer an Offline experience, or In Real Life 

Meet your Sugardaddy in person. You can also limit the number of people who are able to purchase this special reward. If your Sugardaddy happens to live near your city you can make it a private dinner, have a coffee together or shopping experience, and you can price a I.R.L  experience at a much higher value .

Experiences or Meeting in person with your Sugardaddy are generally pretty cheap to arrange, and are nearly always an attractive option to your Daddies, as most Sugardaddies are looking for a I.R.L experience . In most cases, there is also no other cost like postage to think about 

Sugardaddies  have to make their way to meet you. But before allowing I.R.L experiences make sure your Sugadaddy has purchased your other content to confirm he is really who he says he is.

Things to note

  • Make sure you can fulfill your promises. Think about how you will deliver the reward to your Sugardaddy before you publish your project.
  • Consider the cost. Some crowdfunding rewards will cost you money to provide. This means you’ll need to do a little budgeting first – we’ll talk about that in the next section.
  • Price digital rewards like messaging, sexting, photos below $30. The $30, $50, and $100 rewards will be your most popular, so ensure that they are interesting.
  • Exclusive, V.I.P Experiences and I.R.L can be priced highly. The more they cost, the more personalized they should be to your Daddy.

Jane took the time to plan all her reward ideas for her Campaign .

Here’s her draft list of Jane’s rewards:

$5 – Thank you – Backers will receive regular updates of my campaign progress via email, and my eternal gratitude!

$10 – Lets message each other plus a digital copy of a set of my 3 of my best photos (girl next door style).

$30 – A box of my hand made famous triple-chocolate-chip cookies. Warning: these are very, very good and extremely addictive! Plus, regular updates via email and a digital copy of my 6 best photos .

$50 – Lets Skype : a 30 min video one to one . Let’s get to know each other, plus regular updates via email, 

$80 – 100 – Back again – if you back me at this level, I will commit to making personal video for you of me going about my daily routine from waking up to going to bed. Plus, regular updates via email.

$150 – 250 – Super-collectable level. I am THIS committed to my goal. I love this, but I am even more dedicated to success. Want my awesome fetish home video and you can choose ? First in, first served. Plus, regular updates via email, and a digital copy of my daily routine schedule. (limited to 5 rewards) 

$300 – 500 – Let’s hang out! I’ll take you for a coffee and we can meet and have a chat – about the weather, study, being a student, environmental issues, or the future of our planet! Plus, regular updates via email, and my V.I.P private Photo collection we can share while having coffee, these are little naughty but well worth it 🙂

$500 – 1000 – I’ll thank you in every thing I do , we can hang out, have dinner, at a favorite restaurant of my choice, and then spend some time together for drinks , OR for an online reward I can send you a personal V.I.P Movie and Photo collection for you to treasure. Plus, regular updates via email, and a digital copy of 10 sexy photos.

if your interested in more adult style Photos and or Video you would need to determine these prices on your own depending what you feel comfortable to offer 



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