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Getting started as an online Sugargarbaby

Starting out as an Online Sugarbaby

So you’ve decided to start a side hustle to make some extra money during the pandemic but what choices are available?

You could choose to become U-tuber, choose a niche your interested in, create videos, build a following. Over time as you gain followers, you can start to make money but as 97% of u-tubers find out. Its difficult to just earn a few hundred dollars with in the first year.

Another Business model is Only-fans a platform for content creators to sell pre-recorded content to their loyal  followers from social media.

This seems a better business model to start out with, but again it takes followers and promotion to start receiving payment. With millions of users creating Only-fans accounts the chances of succeeding comes down to chance.

As with both platforms they are now saturated with competition making it almost impossible to make A new concept to hit the Online scene is Online Sugaring .

Lets have a look how to get early entry to a new business concept and start making money online.

By selling your customized content online and receiving payment from your supporters.

Join An online Sugarbaby Website

First is to Join www.fundmysugarbaby.com the only online Sugarbaby website where members can sell subscriptions directly to their supporters.

Register your account and wait to be validated usually within 24 hours .

After Registration setting up your account.

Setting up an Account

Sugarbabies are required to upload one profile photo, for your profile page and one Verification photo (selfie) showing your face while holding a hand-written sign saying Fundmysugarbaby. Without a verification photo SBs cannot receive payments from Sugardaddies.

Upload 4 – 6 attractive photos face, body-profile, etc. classed as (PG-13), to display on your profile page

*remember this is what Sugardaddies will look at before deciding to purchase your content. (* No Adult content allowed.)

Now that your profile is set up, its time to find Users or Sugar-Daddies willing to support your Sugar lifestyle

There are 2 main ways to find Sugar Daddies!

First, you can reach out and connect with SDs on FMSB under the heading menu tab Sugardaddies

Link here https://fundmysugarbaby.com/sugardaddies/

Simply go to a Sugardaddies profile and start messaging each other.

Have a chat, and when you feel you have established a connection. Introduce your plans and what type of content you are able to offer and your prices.

Sugardaddies can purchase your content directly from your profile page. (You will receive notification via email as soon as a SD purchases your content ).

Second…Finding Sugardaddies on Social Media !!

Social media is the key to everything.

I tell members who ask me about becoming an Online Sugarbaby all the time:

if you do not have a popping social media or do not plan to grow your social media audience, there is little point.

Your main goal aside from producing quality, creative, and consistent content is to be always growing your social media audience.  Capitalize on viral moments.  use popular hashtags. Post your custom link under everything.

Engage with your fellow online Sugarbabies, Retweet things that fit your own aesthetic.

(retweeting poor content may put off your core audience) and build genuine relationships.

Social media platforms. ( Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Instagram, etc…) FMSB recommends these platforms to find SDs

Use your custom membership link displayed on your profile page example Kelly’s Membership Plans, to promote yourself on social media channels.

How to create a SB profile on social media 

FMSB recommends creating a sugarbaby account  on social media ( for your privacy it’s a good idea to keep your SB account separate from your personal account) and link FMSB profile to your new SB social media account.

Aim to connect with Guys who show interest and like your profile, build up a following and then use your custom link to introduce your content. 

Unfortunately these days, on Social media you will come across many scammers and fake SDs but by using your custom link and receiving payment in advance though your FMSB link, you will protect your privacy and shield yourself from fake SDs.  

By placing your custom link in your bio, on your social media accounts and promoting it to your followers, you will greatly increase your opportunity to receive funding.

Safety First

*Please note: for your Safety and protection against scams and fraud. Never use your real name, personal email, phone number, PayPal, or agree to payment outside of your memberships plans. Requests from SDs for outside connections are highly likely to be a scam or fraud.

Always use and receive payment though your custom plan link to ensure your safety and security as an Online Sugarbaby.

As with anything, the amount of success (money) you receive will be dependent on the amount of effort you put into promoting and branding your sugarbaby profile.

Finally by using both methods, is a beneficial way to increase the potential of SD contacts and start building a sugarbaby lifestyle for yourself.


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