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SugarBaby Prices and Plans Overview

SugarBaby Prices and Plans Overview

Fundmysugarbaby is the first Online Sugardating platform to connect Sugar Daddies to Sugar Babies. In short this allows Sugar Daddies buy content from a preset SugarBaby Prices and Plans offered by Sugar babies.

An Online Sugar Daddy a.k.a Cyber Sugar Daddy is someone who is interested in having a a companion in a strictly online sense. Conversely, an Online Sugar Baby a.k.a Cyber Sugar Baby is someone who’s interested in providing companionship in a strictly online sense.

Sugar Dating for a Sugar Baby

Online Sugar Dating is the concept where an older financial secure Sugar Daddy needs some online companionship, someone to listen to them, share some laughs, talk about problems, and generally someone to pay attention to them.

An Online Sugar Baby, on the other hand, could be someone younger, may need some help financially with bills and expenses, but has time to listen, share experiences, and share content with Sugar Daddies. And for this time, Sugar Daddies pay Sugar Babies, everybody gets what they need and want.

Is Sugar Dating a Job?

Some might see being a Sugar Baby as a job. Well, why not? If you provide your time, and content, and get paid for it, it can be a great side hustle or even a full time job. Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies can chat, send messages and photos all on this safe and secure platform.

So if you’re 18 years or older and interested in selling personalized content, then you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a huge demand for virtual girlfriends to provide some TLC. If earning a living by giving your personal attention and charm and customized content in a safe online environment is something you could envision, then Online Sugaring or Sugar Dating, could be just ticket to help you out with a few bills.

Online Sugarbabies as a Side Business

Setting the right Sugarbaby Prices for Maximum SuccessAs mentioned before, an online Sugar Baby keeps her relationships strictly online. There is no hassle of meeting in person, and for that reason, you’re then no longer limited by geography and can have online relationships with Sugar Daddies around the world.

SBs (Sugar Babies) can stay safely conduct their side hustle from the comfort of your own home behind a computer screen. By setting your own prices and setting your hours, you work how you want and when you want. Using our site’s search function and our social media channels, you can find and build a fanbase of loyal followers, hungry for your attention.

With our nearest competitor Onlyfans, Sugar Babies who are familiar with the platform know that you need hundreds or even thousands of followers to make a decent pay check. You’ll also need continuous marketing and regular posting of your content onto their platform to achieve this.

Sugarbabies on Fundmysugarbaby.com on the other hand, require only a small following of loyal daddies to provide personalized content to, in order to earn a comfortable allowance.

Where Do I Find Online Sugardaddies?

Similar to other platforms Online Sugaring sites, Fundmysugarbaby.com requires you to market and promote yourself. Building a loyal following will ensure you have the greatest potential to find online Sugardaddies.

Promoting your Online Sugar Baby profile is key to finding that special Guy or Guys to pay you for your companionship. Fundmysugarbaby.com operates channels on Reddit, servers on Discord, as well as a Facebook Page and Twitter feed to help you promote your profile should you choose to use them.

If you already have a social media following, you can promote your Sugar Baby prices and profile using a link that we provide you on account upgrade. Any potential Sugar Daddies in your social media following can then use that link to sign up on fundmysugarbaby.com. From there, both you and your potential Sugar Daddy can start your safe and secure online relationship.

Setting Up a Sugar Baby Account with the Right Prices

By becoming a member on Fundmysugarbaby, you can setup a profile that helps let people get to know who you are. You can add as much as you want, including photos or detailed descriptions, or as little as you want. It’s all up to you. Your profile will be viewable by all potential Sugar Daddies on our site.

Once your profile is setup, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans which lets you communicate via messaging on our platform. Messaging allows you to connect with Sugar Daddies and start your relationship. With one of our paid plans, you can also setup your content selling page. This is where you set prices for services you provide to Sugar Daddies on our secure and safe platform.

SugarBaby Pricing Strategy

The trick is to offer your personal time, customized content and unique style to keep the bigger payments coming in from your Sugardaddies.

One popular strategy is to charge a one-time entry price of around $30.00 for chat and messages for a month. During that month, work in some upsells and encourage your SDs to buy your higher valued custom content. Of course, that’s only if you feel you have the right chemistry. Remember it’s all up to you and you should never feel like you’re forced to share anything you don’t want to.

SugarBaby Safety and Security

You can set prices for services on a one-off payment basis and/or monthly payment basis. Your personal and payment information is kept private, and your Sugar Daddy will not have access to sensitive information.

Remember to keep all messaging and talk of payment on our platform to keep yourself safe. Anytime someone asks you for any payment info e.g. bank account number or PayPal Account or tries to get you to another channel off site to discuss payment, think SCAMMER and make sure to report them. We are here to protect you.

SugarBaby Prices – It’s Not Always About the Money

Beware though, most SDs will quickly recognize whether you’re being genuine. They have the power to stop payments. Treating your SD like a piggybank will quickly turn off most SDs. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule, especially if you find those that like being dominated.

A good rule of thumb is to treat your SD as a potential boyfriend, and share your content as you would in real life. Often, this will get you the best return for your time and effort and your Sugar Daddy will stay interested over a longer period of time.

Be clear with your descriptions and prices and SDs will be more prepared to start purchasing your content. Try to always start with a teaser or low entry price, and then upsell with more customization and personalization. Private and customized content is usually the highest valued content.

Below are some examples of pricing from our online SugarBabies which get the highest success rate.

#1  Texting and Chatting Plans
$10.00 Texting / chat for 20 minutes.
$18.00 for 40 minutes.
$40.00 Texting /chat for 1 hour with a picture from me.
$25.00 Texting /chat for 20 minutes with a picture from me.
Texting/chat for 20 minutes 3 times a week (3 x 20 minutes) $25.00 The time is in discuss.

Girlfriend experience:
$75.00 Through the whole day. Choice of day to be discussed. With some pics. $100.00
$20.00 Picture from me
$25.00 Picture from me with my legs in nylons

#2 Texting and chatting
$15.00 one text (2/3 per week) 
$20.00 one text per day 
$80.00 five texts per day

Chat plan
$40.00 two-hour chat, 1 time / per week
$50.00 three-hour chat, 1 time / per week
$150.00 two-hour chat 3 times / per week

Depending on the service provided, texting and chatting expectations are slightly different.

Texting involves sending and replying to messages within a reasonable time during the day but not instantly.

Chatting is communicating instantly with each other.

Because of these different expectations, make sure this is clear to your Sugar Daddies to avoid any misunderstanding.

#1 Full Service Plan (sfw and nsfw content included)
$29.99 Get to know me plan
Lets chat this month and see how things go. We can exchange a few photos as well.

Subscribers will be asked to upgrade at the end of the month.

$99.99 Unlimited chat plan
Chat with me as often as you like (unlimited chat)

$249.99 Can’t wait to see you plan
Chat with me as often as you like Let’s share photos (partial nudity) Unlimited chat & Photos

$499.99 Keepsake plan
Chat with me as often as you like let’s share in photos (partial nudity) see a video glimpse into my life (no nudity) unlimited chat and photos (up to 10 videos)

$749.99 Something sweet plan
Chat with me as often as you like let’s share in photos (partial nudity)
see a video glimpse into my life (partial nudity) unlimited chat and photos (up to 10 videos)
*If you’re willing to go NSFW you should be keeping for the higher priced plans, there no need to give away your content for low prices.

$999.99 Be my Boyfriend Plan
Chat with me every day lets share photos (Full nudity) see a video glimpse into my life (full nudity)
+ LIVE VIDEO CHAT (Unlimited chat & photos…. CUSTOM CONTENT)

Custom Donations

Sugarbabies can request Custom donations or wish-list by offering extra surprises or gifts for their Online Sugardaddies

Starting from $50.00 donations

#2 Full service Plan (sfw and nsfw content included)
1 MONTH of chatting to get to know one another better: likes, dislikes, questions, anything!

I’ll include one partial nude photo so you know what to expect!

LIFETIME payment to talk to me whenever, wherever, about whatever! I am very empathetic, personable, and your secrets are always safe with me!

4 partial/nude photos PER MONTH

$299.99 I LIKE YOU
3 audio calls (5 mins. each via Text-Me app)
5 partial/nude photos and 1 video

Don’t forget to text me whenever! Let me get to know you even better, console you, put a smile on your face!

4 audio calls (10 mins. each via Text-Me app)
8 partial/nude photos and 2 videos
Texting always encouraged! I am here for YOU!

11 partial/nude photos (4 of your choice between pussy/ass/breasts/feet)
4 custom video requests of your choice, no longer than 4 mins. each.

$759.99 I’M ADDICTED
15 partial/nude photos (5 of your choice between pussy/ass/breasts/feet)
5 audio calls (10 mins. each via Text-Me app)
4 custom video requests of your choice, no longer than 6 mins. each

$999.99 I’M IN LOVE
Fetishes, outfits, fantasies, what you want me to do to myself, etc. requests
20 partial/nude photos (10 of your choice between pussy/ass/breasts/feet)
10 audio calls (20 mins. each via Text-Me app)
1 video call, no longer than 30 mins.
Send me specific outfits or toys to play and show off!




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