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Sugar Dating Experiences

Sugar Dating Experiences

Sugar Daddy experience on dating a Sugarbaby

In reaction to a story from  Business Insider published about “sugar babies,” one reader talked about his “sugar dating” experience.

He’s been a “sugar daddy” for more than ten years and he has been seeing one sugar baby for 3 years.

He stated the ladies he dates aren’t prostitutes, but “everyday people” with “jobs as well as an otherwise regular life.”

After Business Insider printed a story about how exactly some university students have become “sugar babies” to help them pay for college , we were told by several “sugar daddies” who stated there is more to it. One reader  told us about his “sugar dating” experience.

This reader works in tech in Silicon Valley, and has earnings of “more than $250,000” along with a net  worth “more than $1.5 million.” He’s in the mid-60s.

His account, edited for clarity , and he remains anonymous for privacy purposes. Outsiders have a tendency to equate being a sugarbaby with prostitution, but that is not the way I see it.

In my experience

Sugar dating is growing rapidly a lot more like an arranged temporary marriage in which you do your own personal arranging .

A prostitute not just offers sex for money but sees multiple men each day, and that is how she makes her living. A sugar baby wants a continuing relationship.

Sugar Babies would like a man who she will be friends with. She would like exactly what a girlfriend or wife could easily get when they found a well off  man. Perhaps She has a job that mostly pays her bills, but she’s searching to enhance her lifestyle, and maybe help pay her larger bills or allowance for living .

A Sugarbaby and daddy don’t discuss sex for money.

But many of them know if the arrangement will continue beyond the first date they need be just like a girlfriend and be intimate at some time.

I have been a sugar daddy for over a decade

I have had a free account on SeekingArrangement.com since 2006; however I also tried Sugardaddyforme.com and was on Craigslist Erotic Services for a long time before that section was closed.

I’ve met numerous women from all of these sites. I talk to them and listen to their tales. I have seen a few of the women for a long time yet others were only one time and some in-between.

The image the advertisements paint

On sugardaddy sites of the hot, youthful college girl meeting a wealthy guy who pays them to look pretty while eating dinner and traveling places is mostly fake. Women browse the websites and then try to get the easy gig, but it is not really there.

The ladies I meet are everyday people. They’ve got jobs as well as an otherwise regular life . You wouldn’t know they’re a sugar baby.

Actually, nearly all women keep the whole sugarbaby life quiet and, for the most part, only talk to a girlfriend who’s doing exactly the same thing and perhaps trained them how to do sugaring.

Outsiders have a tendency to equate being a sugar baby as prostitution, but that is not the way I view it.

Nearly all women only last a few weeks as a sugar baby, frequently simply because they get fed up with getting weird propositions from creepy men, that don’t really have the cash to assist them out.

I treat sugar babies like anyone else, and evaluate what they are up for and opt for that.

The typical sugar baby has a goal, like saving for a car, going on a holiday, paying for her tuition fees or buying a new apartment. She’s likely in-between boyfriends, or simply has recently left her boyfriend, or she’s divorced and does not want any dating drama.

A number of Sugarbabies

like a mature guy with money who fancies them. Older women who’ve been married expect things, while sugar babies are grateful to obtain them.

It’s like getting a girlfriend – but you never get married.

For 3 years, I’ve been seeing one sugar baby. She’s half my age but our relationship is much like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Like a sugar daddy , you’re in the honeymoon stage more often than not – you get treated well, you receive plenty of romantic nights and you’re seen as an savior of the women in distress and also the way for her to have a better life.

I’ve been on vacations with a few ladies and given some women extra cash, but that is once I become familiar with them . I have had women request money only after a dinner, however I don’t choose that way . Why would I?

I have had women request money in advance or a sizable allowance, but no thanks for that style as well. You will find nice women on sugar baby internet dating sites that’re just searching for some help with their bills, but there are also plenty of scammers, too, So you try to avoid them as much as possible.

Student education loans

Tuition fees really are big problem for a lot of younger Sugarbabies though, and there is no doubt many join sugarbaby websites for money to cover their payments per month. I have met two active college girls through the years, one that visited Berkeley and one who went to UC Davis.

Like all the sugar babies I have interacted with, I gave them a per-visit donation of $200 to $300, plus dinner, gifts, and outings. However I realize that very attractive college women request $500 to $600, and a number of them are able to receive this amount.

 A man needs to be careful of who he’s dealing with – many will explain that they’re a university girl when they clearly are not. The very first thing I actually do when contacting someone is to obtain email and telephone number and Google it. They frequently are visible on Facebook, but sometimes show up on escort sites.

After I become familiar with a lady, I would spend $1,000 to $2,000 per month, with dinners, vacations, and shopping on the top of that. Some women request $5,000 to $10,000 per month, but I’d be amazed if they get that – unless of course they were very lucky and met a millionaire from Manhattan.

Gifts for Sugarbabies

My current sugar baby has a good job where she makes about $45,000 annually, but she could not afford a condo with no roommate. Because of me she now lives in a 1 bedroom condo by herself and she is happy.

I’ve also taken her to Europe on three occasions and she was thrilled.

I’d never get married because of the no-contest divorce laws and regulations in California and also the courts that favor the lady.

I have buddies who lost their retirement funds late in life as a result of a wife who got fed up with the marriage and took the home and banking account and then found a new boyfriend.

My very own brother has already established a lengthy divorce and child custody fight. Actually, he’s spent a lot more on divorce attorneys through the years than I’ve on sugar babies.

I’m having fun and I can still afford to retire.


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