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How to Spot Online SugarDating Scammers

How to Spot Online SugarDating Scammers

When you enter the world of online sugar dating, you have to be mindful of online sugardating scammers. Your best weapon against these scammers, is information. Read on to find out how to protect yourself.

Sugar dating is an activity where two people engage in a mutually beneficial relationship. Usually this involves an older, mature man, a Sugar Daddy, dating a younger, woman, a Sugar Baby.

online sugardating scammers

Online sugar dating is where this relationship stays online only. Why do people prefer online sugar dating? For one, they might be in a relationship that they’re not happy with, but for whatever reason, cannot leave that relationship. Online sugar dating lets them find an online companion, and keep that relationship online.

Platforms Exist to Protect You From Scammers

When you’re using an online sugar dating platform like Fundmysugarbaby.com, as long as you follow the guidelines and terms and conditions, you will be protected from scammers.

Rules such as no posting links of platforms outside of fundmysugarbaby.com is required because once outside the platform, you’re now contacting a stranger on an outside platform with no one to control the interaction. You may be lured into giving personal or financial information. If this is done outside the protected platform, there will be no way of reporting or banning them.

FundMySugarBaby.com flags any inappropriate conversations and takes any reporting of other members seriously in order to protect all members on the platform.

Red Flags That Scream “Scammers”

Here are a list of red flags that should alert you to a potential scam or scammer.

1. Conversation starts talking about how speaking on another messenger platform is more convenient.

This is a typical strategy of online sugardating scammers looking to move the conversation outside the protection of the platform. Once outside, they can be free to use their boilerplate scam techniques.

2. Someone asks you for your phone number, or gives you their phone number to call/text.

If you give your phone number, you’ve compromised your privacy. If you use the phone number that they give you, once you call that number, they’ll have your phone number and again you have just compromised your privacy. Once they have your phone number, they are free to text or call you and use their well rehearsed online sugardating scammers strategies on you.

3. Asking for your address.

By keeping things online and keeping things private, you maintain your safety and security. If you give out your address, they could send letters, or could show up in person. A scammer could even go as far as blackmailing you! Do not give out your address to potential online sugardating scammers!

4. Asking for money.

If after several exchanges of texts, a Sugar Daddy turns around and asks you for money, then BEWARE!

While it might seem like a legit sob story, chances are, once you give them money off site, you’ve compromised your financial information. Also, since you’ll no longer have the protection of the site to keep your privacy or help control your interaction, you’ve lost the protection of the platform that you signed up on. Once you compromise your financial information, it could be a long and painful road. Law enforcement take time to work through the legal system to help victims of online fraud and identity theft. This is the biggest long con out there. Don’t be a victim of online sugardating scammers.

Be careful out there!


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  1. I bumped my nose several times. FMSB is about the only platform i know which such a high payout. Use their service to avoid a privacy flaw in PayPal and get full payout.

    Let me try to explain.
    1st. If you give your PayPal the other person will be seeing your real name.
    2. If you are unlucky the other person will also see your full address. This may happen when PayPal suspects something is not in order and holds the payment. The other person gets an information email with ‘shipping address’. Which is your home address. This is even on gifts <.<

    Yes #2 happened to me, my contact showed me the email.

    Let FMSB be your buffer <3