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How to set up an Online Sugarbaby Profile

Online Sugardating and setting up your profile

Thinking of entering the world of Sugardating but are concerned about having to meet men in real life, worried about your safety or being scammed from people your have just met online? 

Now there is a way to test if a sugarbaby lifestyle is right for you before having to commit to an I.R.L meeting with a Sugardaddy.

Online or virtual Sugardating is where you can connect and sell Custom Content, (chats, sexting, exclusive photos, video, girlfriend experiences ) in exchange for a monthly payment online.

I.R.L Vs Online Sugarbabies

Sugarbaby profile

Just like I.R.L you can receive money from people interested in getting to know you, except the major difference its strictly Online. Which is much safer and less risk as you are always communicating through online and you are in total control.  

But even though this sounds a great way to make some extra money for your expenses and bills, for Online Sugarbabies the trick is to find the guys who are looking for virtual connections and are willing to provide decent financial support.

When starting your journey as an Online Sugarbaby it is advisable to join the only Online Sugarbaby Platform Fundmysugarbaby that allows its members to create a Profile page.

Monthly Memberships

monthly memberships

In addition, Online Sugarbabies can also set up monthly membership plans so that when you do find Sugardaddies you have a way to receive payment safely and securely over the internet.

Popular content is a personalized service known as an Online Girlfriend Experience where you can sell variations

By supplying text, sexting, chat services, Photos, one to one video, companionship, cosplay, fantasy experiences (almost like a long-distance girlfriend but online only) personal items, or even create a self-funding campaign to cover your monthly expenses…

After Registering on FundmySugarbaby (which is Free for women ) the next thing is to set up your profile Page so that Sugardaddies can purchase and support you.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your Sugarbaby lifestyle

Tip 1

Photos and Description

After completion of your Profile page all Sugarbabies need to optimize their Profile page with an attractive profile photo and an additional 4-6 photos.

Your profile image is the first thing a Sugardaddy see before deciding to explore your profile in more detail.

Once on your page, your extra photos should highlight your best features, smile, face and body shots ( FMSB only allows PG-13 photos) try not to use filters as older guys don’t really like them and would prefer to see your natural looks.

Pictures with your friends, pets, out of focus, or long-distance shots are not something that will encourage a Sugardaddy to support you, also photos with the background of a messy bedroom or bathroom will fail to highlight you as a potential Sugarbaby.

According to our data, Sugarbabies with attractive photos increase initial contact from Sugar daddies by more than 20x, so if after a little while you are wondering why you haven’t received any contacts from Sugardaddies it could well be related to your photos.

The next is your Bio, on FundmySugarbaby Sugarbabies can upload information About themselves and your Custom Content details.

Sugardaddies will after looking at your photos read this section and what you are offering so again it is important to make your (About Me) and (Custom Content information) interesting and appealing on your profile page.

Tip 2

Promote and Stay active on the FMSB platform

stay active

Add a new photo, Search and message Sugar daddies already on the site, add new topics to the forum start your own Sugardaddy group from your profile page, invite other guys from your social media or people you may know, who would be interested to get to know you more.

There is an email link on each members profile page where you can easily invite your contacts to join your profile page group and hopefully support your Sugarfund campaign

Tip 3

Use Other websites to make connections

You may have noticed for Sugardating there are many more SBs than SDs on the platform this is a common issue for all Sugardating sites, as there are a lot more women looking for support than there are Sugardaddies.

But to overcome this problem is highly advisable for Sugarbabies to make their own contacts using the custom link supplied in your profile to generate more contacts to your profile. 

FMSB has several social media icons in the footer, reddit, Pinterest, twitter, Facebook we encourage SBs who are interested to like our pages and post their content and membership plans there. Social media is not private so anybody can see your profile so we leave it up to each member to decide.

Try to Connect using Social Media

Also, if you have social media pages you could also post your custom link in your Bio, contact guys who are liking your pics and create a connection to introduce your plans on your profile page. 

Dating websites, dating apps and English conversation websites. these sites are especially useful to find Men who may be interested to chat and make a connection.

Once you feel you have a connection you could introduce your custom link or invite him to your profile page via the email invite located on your profile page. Just send an invite to his email and he can join and purchase your memberships from your profile page.

Use language Exchange Apps to make connections

An idea is to search for guys in other countries looking for English Conversation and friends ( Japan, is good option) people seem to be more honest so it’s a lot safer than other countries.

Learning English apps or making friends, Men on here will be more interested to make connections via online than in real life, and they can learn English as well, so will be more willing to make payments for your content.

But you still need to protect yourself and stay safe, after making connections always go through FMSB for safety and never send your personal information. sending your profile link FMSB can screen applicants and ensure payment is made to you in safety. 

I hope these few suggestions can help all users thinking to start an Online Sugarbaby lifestyle, to help find Online Sugardaddies to support your lifestyle and reach your financial goals while using a safe and secure platform. 


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    1. Hi Anna, Firstly please register your account then after approval log in and add 4-6 photos (pg-13) to your profile page along with 1 verification photo of yourself holding a handwritten sign saying Fundmysugarbaby. FMSB will then add your membership plans and verification badge so you can start to introduce your content to Sugardaddies to receive payment. Please have a read of the F.A.Q for more information INFORMATION

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