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How to become an Online SugarDaddy in 2021

Dating Women as an Online SugarDaddy

In a follow up to our popular article How to be an online Sugarbaby, we have been requested by many men how to  become an Online SugarDaddy and meet women online safely and avoid being scammed

As we are all aware of catfishing, phishing, fake accounts and identities, ghosting and other scams and fraud which is proliferating out of control on Social media and dating websites, Apps and social websites

To meet beautiful genuine women online and make a real connection is not going to happen in a vast majority of cases, trying to find an honest and genuine match on the internet these days is practically impossible, and with dating websites and apps it’s their business to ensure that their users stay unattached and to continue to purchase monthly memberships.

Another problem now is Fraud, catfishing and fake accounts which leads to trust issues as mentioned above scammers and fraudsters have destroyed how the internet once was, where you could actually meet and get to know real and honest people though chat, and messaging each other.

A new form of dating

online daddy

A new form of dating that doesn’t have any of the issues associated with the above, which is called Online Sugardating. This new concept, is where men and women meet online, and men can purchase content to help support women in exchange, for their private content and services. Men can receive content such as messaging, photos, texting, custom video and even girlfriend experiences.

Now there is a website FundmySugarbaby where you can meet a women (sugarbaby) online, exchange chat and free messages, then if interested start a relationship online.

You may be surprised to hear that sugar dating is taking the internet by storm.

What is Online Sugardating ?


Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss here. Some say that sugar dating is as old as dating itself. While this may be true, it should also be noted that it’s much different today. The advent of the internet has given sugar daddies the ability to connect with sugar babies more easily.

It could even be said that the relationships today are better for sugar babies since there’s no need to beat around the bush about the topic. Both parties know exactly what they’re in for.

It’s all about meeting the needs of both people

A relationship is a two-way street. The man and woman both must have their needs met. It could be said that in traditional relationships this isn’t the case. Typically, one party feels left out and like they’re missing something. That’s rarely if ever, the case when it comes to the relationship a sugar daddy has with his sugar baby.

The reason for that is the amount of honesty required for this type of relationship to exist. The sugar baby knows exactly what the sugar daddy is after. He in then makes sure that she’s taken care of. It’s this sort of honesty that makes sugar dating a win-win solution for both involved.

We live in an expensive world !


You may think being a SugarDaddy you need to be a millionaire, well in fact it’s the opposite, most women are just looking a little financial support to help them cover their monthly expenses. starting from $9.99 a man can now become an Online SugarDaddy by chatting and supporting a Sugarbaby in exchange for conversation and starting a relationship online.

A sugar baby often finds herself in a situation where she needs some help. It may be college that she’s having a difficult time affording. Then again, it could be trying to afford her first ever car or apartment.

There are many periods in a lady’s life where she needs financial help. Many women have no one to turn to. The natural thing is to search for a man who can help her out. A man who understands the challenges that today’s woman faces. That’s what sugar dating is in a nutshell.

Sugarbabies, making the first moves

making the first move

Becoming a SugarDaddy you will find that the opposite to regular dating is happening. Sugarbabies are contacting Sugar-daddies making the first moves and initiating discussion it’s a great feeling seeing your inbox fill up with messages.

Even though there may be monetary rewards for Sugarbabies often you will find that Sugarbaby and Sugar daddy relationships often change over time to be a more meaningful relationship.

We live in a much different world than our grandparents.

There’s nothing wrong with compensating a woman for her time and content to help put her on the path of success. It’s all about you identifying what you want out of life.

After that, it’s only a matter of you following through. There are plenty of women who want nothing more than to make your dreams come true.

They’re willing to do whatever it takes to create the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of. It’s only a matter of you seeking them out and purchasing a sugarbabies custom content, which isn’t all that much to ask considering the impact that a sugar baby can have on his sugarDaddy.


    1. Hello Lynsey, this is kelly the support manager at FMSB. if you are interested in becoming a Sugarbaby, firstly you must be 18 years or older then you are able to register, After registration we then require you to supply 4-6 photos of yourself (pg-13) plus 1 verification photo of yourself holding a handwritten sign saying Fundmysugarbaby so that we can validate your application.

      if you are a Sugardaddy you can simply Register and apply, then your account will be manually assessed and approved by our staff.

      Both SugarBabies and Sugardaddies can communicate connect and chat for free online, so that SDs can decide to purchase a sugarbabies content purchase a Sugarbabies content online.

    1. if you are able to support and finance a sugarbaby in exchange for her custom content then that is great.

      Most Sugarbabies are looking for some form of support to help with their financial needs. The difference from regular dating is that the girls will contact you as they seek funding to help them. if this concept is ok for,you and your ok in helping a young girl reach her dreams in exchange for her custom content, photos, chat, or video then I would recommend http://www.fundmysugarbaby.com

      We have 1000s of sugarbabies available online, and actually have several Sugardaddies with 100s of Sugarbabies.

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