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How to Become an Online Sugarbaby

How to Become an Online Sugarbaby

There are 2 types of Sugarbabies, online and In Real Life (I.R.L)

Keep in mind, being an online or cyber Sugarbaby won’t get you as much money but it’s definitely possible. One Sugarbaby has stated she has been able to get at least $100 a day by being a cyber SB and has made around 2k within 2 weeks!

If you’re considering being a sugar baby, PLEASE, do research on sugaring regardless if you want to be a cyber baby or not! Be well educated on what it means to sugar, the slang, and anything else!

Being a virtual Sugarbaby has many advantages such as you don’t have to leave your house and meet up with men or waste time and money on dates. 


1. New identity

Let’s start off with protecting your identity. You need to come up with a fake name for yourself.

Next even though you are a Sugarbaby online it is important  to NEVER EVER give a SD (sugar daddy) your personal email or phone number! Always go through Fundmysugarbaby platform to ensure your safety, security and privacy .

If they (SDs) want to message you get them to purchase a membership plan, if they want to call you, make a plan, if they want a video make a plan on your profile page, so SDs can pay up front and then use the messaging tab on Fundmysugarbaby to arrange conversations, video transfer or a personal live chat !

2. Joining Websites and Social Connections

Next if you haven’t already it’s time to sign up for sugaring websites. 

There are several websites you could use that specialize in connecting with Sugardaddies. You could also try tinder like apps that are specifically for sugaring, and also your social media connections, Instagram,Twitter,Facebook,with hashtags for #sugarging,#sugardaddy#sugarbaby#onlinedating etc…

Okay, now that you’re on a Sugardaddy website, start describing yourself. It is quite clear that men would rather have the real thing than a cyber baby. A lot of men’s thoughts are “why would I pay for something that I can get for free on the internet”.

Do not be discouraged by these men, just move on to the next. There will always be SDs who are willing to pay for a virtual a sugar baby.. 

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BIO’S! On the Sugardaddy websites

You may find your main sources of SDs blocked for “commercial activity”.

So you can’t really say “I’m willing to have skype sex for $200″ because your account WILL get deleted. 

Let it be known you want a cyber “arrangement” or “relationship” and let them know low-key what you’d be willing to do in a way that doesn’t sound like commercial activity.

Once you start talking to SDs and they seem interested, in what you can offer get them to view your subscription plans on Fundmysugarbaby, and ask them if  they would be interested in something personlized like your customized plans. Don’t start talking about what you plan on doing/ or payments when messaging because other Sugardaddy websites could also delete your account if they catch you talking like that. 

3. Time is money

Being a Sugarbaby you need to be persistent and to offer what SDs are looking for. Keep a list of SDs that perhaps may not be interested now, but later may want to support your cause. Offering smaller priced membership plans more frequently may be an easier way to get initial interest and later promote the higher priced Custom plans on your Profile Page.

An except for an online SB :I messaged more than 700 men, around only 125 messaged me back, and from that 125, less than 20 actually paid me. 

Also I spent a lot of time on Sugardating websites more than 4 or 6 hours a day just to find someone willing to pay me. 

It’s extremely time consuming being an online sugar baby. Having a goal is important, I normally didn’t stop until I made at least $100 a day because I liked having the streak of making 100 bucks a day and didn’t want it to falter. So I would spend hours upon hours on the computer.

Talk to everyone and anyone! don’t limit yourself to your own state or country. One time a SD form Malaysia gave me $300! Usually I don’t limit myself to age or looks either. I don’t care if they are free, premium or diamond members in SA. 

I message everyone and anyone!

4. What are you offering? 

There are a lot of things you can offer as an online SugarBaby. 

  • Photo packs
  • Modelling photos
  • Videos
  • Skype chat
  • Messaging
  • Fetish
  • NSFW
  • Shopping allowance
  • one on one exclusive content
  • Girlfriend/Boyfriend Experience
  • Monthly Subscription for your fans
  • Companionship
  • Gift-box/Personal contents
  • Cosplay roleplay
  • etc

Be prepared with sample pictures and videos. These include you WEARING clothes but still showing yourself off.

NEVER give anything away for free always get a payment for any content you provide.

Have pictures and videos already prepared? I always prepare sample pictures and 10 sec videos, and if they decide to pay I always send the same photos and videos I’ve already taken. It’s a waste of time to take new pictures and videos for every SD that wants to pay unless he’s asking for something specific, and in that case he should order a custom membership plan

DO NOT SHOW YOUR FACE IN ANY OF THESE THINGS!! This is the internet we are talking about and if you show your face it may end up on the internet, another trick is to get free watermark tools so that the picture can not be used again! 

If they ask for pictures or videos of your face you can have two options. 

1. Show your face.

2. Show half of your face. Normally below the nose, or show a side view of half of your face.

5. Prices

costs of Sugardating

The least I’ve ever gotten was $10 for a photo, the most so far has been $500 for photos and a video. So pretty much just never say no, if they are willing to pay. I usually group the photos together into a pack or a set of 6, so I can ask for more money or set a higher reward.

If they want particular photos of me doing something special, or to wear something special, then I just set a higher reward for those photos and I only prepare the content after they purchase the membership. That’s standard stuff for photos.

Now if they want something more personal like a skype call then charge a higher price! Or if they want videos of you saying their name or a particular fetish again make a higher price plan for that ! 

Try not to set your Custom membership plans to low and don’t settle for anything less than $50! Try to charge over a $100 for any type of video rewards if you can. And if it’s for skype charge them for every 30 minutes! (Also make sure they pay for every 30 mins, if the 30 mins are up and they want more, make sure that buy another reward and pay you for more! Don’t do anything more unless they pay you!!)

if it’s something more personal don’t ever go below $50-$100 dollars a reward!

6. Convince them!

Once you have Sugardaddies interested in you never take no for an answer. 

Please don’t say this word for word, because this is what I use and it’s gonna be obvious if a lot of people read this and you al reply back using the same phrases.

~ If they say: I don’t do cyber stuff, I like the real deal. 

You say: Aw you sure? Check out my Profile Page and I can send you some samples!?

~ They say: I can get stuff like this on the internet for free!

You say: This is personal and just for you, I can do whatever you like that’s stated in my membership plans.

~ Now if they agreed, I generally say:

“ok pls check out my Sugarbaby page and you can subscribe to one of my plans to the really good stuff, I promise I will make it worthwhile?”

Remember this takes a lot of time of talking back and forth until SDs finally decide to support you.

7. Payments! 

Remember to always make sure you get paid first before you send content to anyone!!!!

calculating the costs

I am now a virtual-real life sugarbaby! As this is where I can make the most money from online sugaring , by combining online rewards and then adding I.R.L meeting rewards such as dating and shopping I can get the biggest rewards from my Sugardaddies.

Best of luck to all the sugar babies out there! 

Now for Tinder, it’s a bit of a hit or miss when it comes to finding sugar daddy’s. But my first ever sugar daddy that took me on shopping trips I found from tinder. You kind of just adjust the settings to older men and tell them that you’re looking to be spoiled. But you can find some Sugardaddies who still want to spend their money on you. But it’s a lot of back and forth and sugar coating your words to.

8. Conclusion

Remember being an online sugarbaby will take time and a lot of work, with hundreds of messages and contacts, but by building up your contacts and network, by adding good quality photos on your profile, and having subscriptions to your V.I.P content you can reach your goal much faster, and with regular Sugardaddies you can not only reach a funding goal, but also have a monthly income by just being available online.

We have put together an example below of some membership plans for you to get an idea of what, how and the cost of some typical plans

So if online Sugaring has ever appealed to you as a way to make some extra money with minimal risk to your safety, then join us at www.fundmysugarbaby.com and set up your Membership plans and start contacting potenial Sugardaddies on social media to build your online business Today.



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