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How Sharing Your Campaigns Could Get You Funded

How Sharing Your Campaigns Could Get You Funded

Share your Sugarbaby campaign everywhere you can

Sharing your Sugarbaby campaign with your Sugardaddies, friends, family, and community is the most important thing you can do to start receiving support. Think about connecting to at least 10 sugardaddies and make sure you share your Sugarbaby campaign  with them as quickly as possible. This can be through Facebook, Emails, text messages, Twitter… the options are endless.  

Let’s take a look at some different sharing options:


Sharing your Sugarbaby Campaign on Facebook can increase your donations by 350%, so it’s best to start posting right away. Share with posts, messages, events, or even in Facebook groups. 

Emails / Text messages

Adding email contacts is an important way to ensure that your Sugardaddies see your Campaign , and know they can contribute by donating or sharing. Anyone you ‘invite’ will receive an email invitation to support your Campaign. 

Send text messages with your campaign link to 5 sugardaddies in your life.  Go to your sugardaddy website and check your inbox , send the links to your Sugardaddies with a support me email or send your contacts a personalized text message from your phone.


If you already have a large following, Twitter is a great place to share your Sugarbaby campaign. You can do so by tweeting at your followers, tweeting at influencers, or even asking for support from your favorite organization. 

Sharing your Sugarbaby campaign with those closest to you is the best way to receive exposure, which may open your Campaign up to donations from your community. Just remember, you never know who wants to help until you ask.

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