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About Me

About Me

Hello, Daddy/Gent/Oh Generous One!

My name is Melissa. I’m new to this so please come and say hello.

I have thought about becoming a sugar baby for years but didn’t have the time. But now I work for myself I can fit you all into my day. I need a way to relax and be spoiled. Life can be so stressful when you are striving for the absolute best that life has to offer.


So I’m no spring chicken and I know you have your pick of younger babies on here. I am mature and I believe I can understand your needs a little better in my opinion. Glad that’s out the way! haha. We are all 21 in our minds anyway, I live by you are as old as you feel. So I like to make sure I do things that make me feel alive.

And yes I am real, it is me in the photos. Not going to lie I have used the odd camera filter. Please don’t judge me, haha. If you haven’t tried them yet, you should. They are great fun 🙂

I love the idea of this platform! I thought that I would be crazy to not want to get in touch with the sorts of Gentlemen this platform is targeted towards. Succesful men. Generous Men. Men who will spoil me financially by paying me generously for the interactions that we have. I am a very grateful person. I love to be spoiled but I also love to spoil.


Tell me how I can spoil you. Be straight with me, I’m a big girl. Don’t waste my time and you definitely won’t be wasting yours. I am looking for mutually beneficial interactions that are not just financial. Something fresh and new. Something special.

If you would like a care package that is not in my listings please contact me so we can chat. You can let me know what you like and if I like it too, then let just do it!

Maybe a month is too long. It is quite long (haha). Then we can do shorter.


I have joined this platform because I love that it looks after both Sugarbaby and Sugardaddy. Somewhere we can have fun without the fear of being exploited or scammed. I do want and deserve the same amount of respect and discretion that I am offering to you. You can be who you want to be with me and I will have no judgement.

I hope to get to know you all. I hope to make your day better and put a smile on that beautiful face of yours 🙂 and if it’s possible to do that whilst helping me financially then I’m in heaven!


Don’t get me wrong, I think I may be looking for unicorns.

Does this sort of arrangement exist? ……. please prove me wrong.

Unicorn, oh unicorn wherefore art thou Unicorn???? Haha!


Yes, that was quite long…… But thank you if you are reading this 🙂

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