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About Me

About Me

Taking a break from this; won’t be checking as much so may be very slow to respond.
Seems to be a lot flakes on this site (both daddys and babies).  But alas, my hope remains.

Looking for a consistent relationship where we can enjoy each other’s company and more regularly (and virtually). Not interested in purchasing content so if you’re only selling pics and vids don’t waste our time.
If you’re serious about something that lasts, shoot me a message.  From there we can share details about what we’re both looking for and see if we match.

if you’re still reading, what I’m really looking for can be boiled down to 3 things: (1) having fun getting to know each other – you should be having as much fun as me (2) developing a great online relationship that gives us a chance to fall in love and (3)  engaging in a white hot sexting exchanges to get each other off. #1 and 2 make #3 that much better.  Much, Much better

I only have bandwidth for one relationship at a time, so I may not be able to engage if I am engaged with someone else.

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