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About Me

I’m a single mum/dad of 3 , I live for my kids they are my absolute world! I’m quiet a homebody I don’t socialise much as i find little people now days know how to be a  good person  too many no good people around the place & I can’t stand that so I keep to myself & prefer giving my time to online platforms  meeting people all over the world & enjoy building connections aswell as being enjoyed with the content I make.  I take pride in being a genuine good person, Im an open book, I speak my mind always & don’t pretend to be someone I am not. I’ve been through alot of hell & back & been independent sense I was 15 but I am a soldier & have always pulled through the worst times & life’s struggles on my own. I currently am studying my diploma in counselling online, I enjoy being a mum, art & crafts, editing pics, making adult content,  gaming ( nerd at heart)    I look after those who look after me & appreciate the little feel good things aswell as knowing I make someones day somewhat better.  I am not a money hungry person never have been I’m actually someone who’s been the giver even in long term relationships I’ve been the sole provider for my 3 kids ,partners & myself.. my partners put me through absolute hell over the years abusive toxic pieces of shittt that ruined me & definitely never appreciated having a good loyal partner & good mother to their children. I certainly never had a man that knows how to treat me right or spoil me because they want to do that for me. I currently am focussed on rebuilding myself after leaving my ex of ten years so I’m gaining back control of my life trying to feel good again still baby steps but I’ve come along way , just at a point where I feel having a man look after me &  spoil me for a change would be something nice to get to enjoy in saying that I’m so easily overwhelmed & still nearly cry when fans tip meon my o.f 🙊 I see girls getting sugar daddy’s & being spoilt which makes me a little angry as most of them are not appreciative & don’t know how lucky they are or are to have someone treat them so good . I have looked into these arrangements in past but only found men trying to scam me so I gave up for a while but I thought I’d check this site out & maybe find a man that’s legit & that wants to show me that I to can be treated as good as I know I deserve to be treated & maybe help me financially but know I have alot to give back & alot of me that they will enjoy in return 🙂  please no time wasters or fakes had more then my share of ppl like that I’m only here for someone who knows what they want & that understands my story & genuinely wants to make a arrangement like this with me xoxox

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