Lexi’s Membership Plans

Personal Info

Donation Total: $150.00 One Time

My Link https://fundmysugarbaby.com/lexis

HI Sugardaddies I’m Lexi and I’m looking for a nice Sugar daddy to spoil me a bit.

I’m seeking Generous Sugardaddies that are looking for connections, friendship, and something special.

I am hoping to raise $2000 for a Monthly Allowance

I’ll do whatever you want for the right price, I don’t accept anything under $150.00 because if you don’t have that kind of bag we’re not meant to be, I won’t do anything until money is in my account because that’s the best way to do this. I am open to do anything as long as the price is right

General videos-

$150.00+ dependent on length and content
$250.00+ Personalized videos : dependent on length and content I will be as loud as you want and say your desired name as much as you want

One personalized video a month for x amount of months- negotiable

$300.00 Two personalized videos a month-
$450.00 Three personalized videos a month-
$600.00 Four personalized Videos a month-

Let’s talk and get to know each other. Thank-you  XoXo..

My Link https://fundmysugarbaby.com/lexis