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Pricing memberships adding details or leaving open ?

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Hey SBs I have had a couple of Qs about what to offer and how often/frequency should I set my memberships . 

To make things simple in the beginning we have set 3 Standard monthly plans such as :

$9.99 text /message, p/m

$19.99 photos/chat, p/m

$29.99 video/chat, p/m

Plus also 1 custom plan. Custom plans, are where SDs can pay anywhere from $50-$1000 a month the amount is open and varies on what you are offering and what your SD will pay.

As SDs join our platform they often are looking for something special and someone special to connect with for various reasons, and may often live in different time zones and Countries so connecting with a set time or frequency may prove challenging. When a SD shows an interest in your Profile and plans its a good idea to start a chat and connect with each other to find out what a SD is looking for. Offering  one of the standard plans is a great way to get started and both parties can set clear expectations.

For the standard plans you could start at around 1-3 times a week for text messages, 2-3 photos a week + chat/text , 15-30 min a week video chat,  but off course this depends on you and your SD.

In regards to custom content you can mention on your profile page but for detailed info you should discuss with your SD as different prices and conditions may apply for different requests . This is where keeping a scheduling app will come in handy, once you start building up your SD base. (more about choosing a good scheduling app later)

Finally your Monthly allowance or target amount you would like to receive to help with your finances.

An average amount on S.A has been quoted as $3000 p/m,  but if you are offering strictly online services starting at around $2000 would be possible and with multiple SDs this target could be reached each month, again we don't set strict limits on your goal but starting with a realistic goal is often advisable when starting out, it always possible to increase your goal as you gain more SDs later on.

In Conclusion , having some basic structure with flexibility in your standard plans is often a good introduction for new SDs but as you become closer with your SD offering special customized Content for higher priced plans will help you reach your dreams much quicker..... 🙂


* SBs/SDs Its always FREE  to chat together on our platform.  But please don't connect or attempt to connect offline or propose to leave the platform because firstly you will be putting yourself at high risk and secondly its against our platform/community policy so you may find your account is quickly banned or deleted. We hope you can join us to create a community where we all can help and support each other

Posted : September 29, 2019 4:25 pm
MaevisRenno, and reacted
New Member

I’ve loaded my 6 photos what’s next before actually setting up my membership 

Posted : November 12, 2019 4:49 am
Support (Kelly)
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Hey tehgi , I received you 6 pics thanx,  I will set up your membership plans on your profile page then u will be able to promote your content to SDs . ? 

Posted : November 12, 2019 10:40 am


Hey,  I was wondering if you have been successful with finding any Sugar Daddies? Thanks 🙂

Posted : November 12, 2019 10:13 pm
Support (Kelly) and reacted
New Member

Hey Kelly ! Do you think you’ll be able to help me set up my membership! I’m not sure where I should send you the pictures? 

Posted : November 12, 2019 10:43 pm
Support (Kelly)
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HI Conci,

sure I have received your pics and will add your memberships to your profile page soon . if you have any special request in regards to prices or would like to add any custom content

just let me know and I can add it onto your profile page. The average monthly allowance that is set at $2000 a month. and membership prices are as mentioned

$9.99 text /messages

$19.99 pics/text

$29.99 video chat

you can negotiate with SDs on the frequency , timing and delivery dates as each SD/SB arrangement is customized to each other requirements:)

Connecting with SDs on social media platforms, other websites, dating apps, will help as well as SDs on FMSB.

I will also include your custom link to so you can share your membership plans with SDs 

Kelly 🙂

Posted : November 14, 2019 3:07 pm
Conci reacted
Support (Kelly)
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hey Tehgi , we have some SDs on FMSB but I would recommend to kick off your memberships plans by contacting SDs on the Big sites like like SA, Tinder , Insta, Twitter, Snapchat etc.. there are 1000s of SDs, there just gotta get em interested in your basic plans  $9.99 , $19.99 or the $29.99  then up-sell to your Custom private content plans ranging from $50-$1000 monthly plans.:)

Posted : November 14, 2019 3:14 pm
Sara Sanchez
New Member

How do i set up pricing?

Posted : January 20, 2020 3:01 am


but how do we advertise on the other sites?

Posted : February 3, 2020 6:48 am
Support (Kelly)
Estimable Member Admin
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How to find online Sugar Daddies and get them to support you, I must get this question 20 times a day?

There are many Sugardaddy Websites you can find SugarDaddy's on, Seeking Arrangement, is one of the most popular, but now its overrun with scams, fake accounts and scammers trying to steal your bank account info, so now its not really worth the effort.

You can also search here on FMSB under Sugardaddy search we have genuine Sugardaddies joining everyday. We actually reject dozens of SDs also due to fake accounts which is one of the most time consuming tasks we have to deal with.

But now Social media is key,

Social media is very tricky, but you can also find SDs there. I recommend Instagram, you can find people via hashtags, because a lot of boomers and GenX use hashtags.

Play the field, have as many Sugar Daddies as you can. However, never tell them you have someone else. Remember they’re like your “boyfriend” except you’re getting paid and it is less drama.

When your memberships are set up on your Page, make a connection and use the SDs name. Never say hey babe, or hey handsome (who the hell is that anyway) SDs probably get that handle 100 times a day, be genuine use the SDs real name displayed in their bio, especially when chatting. Ask what they like, dislike and make your SD feel you are genuinely interested, when u feel the time is right, introduce your custom link which are your membership plans, and ask him to check them out so you can get to know each other a little more.

Think of it as a friendship rather than a source of money and you will find it much easier to get funding and reach your financial goal.

Setting up Memberships on your profile page is just the first step, next is to contact as many SDs as you can, weather here on FMSB or on Social Media, or Sugardaddy websites your consistent approach will pay off in the end by scoring multiply SDs to finance your goals.

Its just like anything, the more effort you put in the better results will come, and buy setting up your membership plans here you've made the first step towards your sugarbaby lifestyle.

Kelly 🙂

Posted : February 3, 2020 7:52 am
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