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Hi new shy an looking for a sugar daddy who can teach me

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I'm shy n not very experienced but I'm a good girl an want a daddy who can teach me to be a good submissive Id love chatting with u not willing to meet in person yet but maybe one day if u at special enough to get me out of my comfort zone an than u can open me up if all I'm asking is if u want to be my daddy id like an allowance I like to buy pretty thing an maybe u like to see them on or off me an so since I'm a good girl i need u to send me  3-5 hundred a week unless u don't think I'm worth it I love gifts to an I'm always polite an I will thanku dont worry I'm new to this I've never done this I'm new I'm not sexually experienced very much so u have to help me learn so if u want to chat I gues u should buy a membership an start teaching today bc I'm very eager to learn....

Posted : June 12, 2022 6:59 pm

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