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[Sticky] Becoming a member on Fundmysugarbaby  

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Connect with Virtual online Sugarbabies and purchase Custom Content.

FundmySugarbaby is an online Sugardating Platform that connects Sugarbabies with Sugardaddies.

Browse through a list of Sugarbabies that have their Custom Content and services listed at a predetermined rate. 

Simply Join up for free fill out the registration form and within 24 hrs your application will be manually reviewed.

Pls note: All members must be 18 years or over to use the Fundmysugababy platform. 

After your application has been accepted, your able to connect, message and chat with unlimited Sugarbabies, view their profile page read about their custom content and purchase directly from their profile page. 

*Only Verified Sugarbabies are recommended and have provided verified identification, Contacting and exchanging payment with unverified Sugarbabies may involve some risk


There are 3 set plans, (all plans are for a period of 1 month)

$9.99 Chat plan  

$19.99 Photos and Chat plan 

$29.99 Video chat Plan 

There is also a Custom Plan From $50.00 -$500.00 Per/Month

Custom Plans are where Sugarbabies can offer Custom made content such as a Girlfriend services, personalized requests. With Custom Content Plans you can discuss and negotiate a price which is acceptable to both.    

All payments are protected by FMSBs 30 day money back guarantee this is to ensure delivery of content as requested is provided and if a sugarbaby is unable to deliver her content then FMSB will refund the payment back to a Sugargarddies account. 

We have 1000s of Online Sugarbabies, on FMSB. Join up Today and support your very own Sugarbaby 

Topic starter Posted : 23/04/2020 7:19 am
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Hi I’m Lily I’m new here just thought I’d introduce myself to all of you beautiful ladies!

Posted : 29/11/2020 2:01 am