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Should sugar-dating...
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Should sugar-dating be commercial?

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If you understand what do sugar daddies want, you know that the agreement is made in such a way that there’s no explicit requirement for sex. There is a deal to take part in social events, compensation, and even companionship. This doesn’t mean that sex is not a part of the sugar daddy relationship. Basically, it's not a primary motive of the relationship in question.

Sugar relationships are mostly about respect. The eroded perception of sugar relationship was mostly based on the myth that it’s only about the transaction of money and sex. But the reality of sugar dating is far from this narrative. Sugar daddy dating is a way of developing mutually beneficial relationships with ease. Everyone involved in the relationship gets what they want out of it.

People involved can exercise their rights and freedom to date and decide what they want from the relationship. This may include emotional support, companionship, romance, or even having financial stability. They do so to have different lifestyle experiences, mentoring, or professional networking.

I’ve been into Sugar daddy dating a long time now, I do most of the things I do for my babies out of love and without expecting anything in return, it turns me on to make beautiful ladies happy, we all will die and leave all our possessions one day so why not make the best use of it by helping others.

“In a world where you can be anything, BE KIND”

Posted : May 9, 2022 1:06 am
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