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Hi love 🙂

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Hi Lovelies,

My name is Tracy and I am a 22 year old vet tech. I work at a non profit animal shelter, and I'm one of the lucky ones who loves my job! I am very passionate about animals and someday would love to run my own animal rescue for reptiles. I'm the crazy snake lady, I have 9 snakes (among other pets) and all of my friends are animals.

I'm also an artist, I love to paint and draw. I have also turned my art into stickers before! My strength has always been creativity. Beyond drawing and painting, I love to write poetry, play guitar or piano, learn more on the uke, dance and sing (by myself, in my bedroom haha). I also love taking photos, of myself, my pets, or something else! I'm always excited to have a reason to take my camera out. I'm introverted and I stay in a lot, but I am almost always doing something!

I'm single, and to be honest I'm lonely! Looking to find someone to keep me company and help fund my artistic endeavors. Don't be shy!

Posted : February 8, 2020 11:16 am