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Hey guys!

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Hey yall! 
so ive been on here for 2 years but its time to finally stop being shy and say hey to everyone! 
my name is ari and im a 22 year old single parent. My daughter (almost 8 months at the time of writing this) is my light and my everything and i just want to give her the best life i can. 
im a super artsy person and sell epoxy resin ash trays and rolling trays, shot glass holders, and so much more and im trying to learn to make custom carpets with tufting guns! 
i also spend time when im not working (im a dog bather and absolutely love it) and taking care of my daughter, im on discord with my buddies playing video games and just shooting the shi

im 4/20 friendly and an absolutely open book so feel free to ask me anything! 

oh im also a trans man! (He/They) 

Posted : February 10, 2022 4:58 am
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