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Gamer Looking for a Daddy/Mommy



My names Luna, I'm a nerd/geek who enjoys video games, anime, and being cooped up in my room most days but I also enjoy going out for drinks, steak, or darts and billiards.

I stream on Twitch and do some coding as a hobby while maintaining a 9-5! Looking for additional stability, platonic companionship, friendship and possibly mentorship!

I'm African-American, 4ft 8in, chubby/curvy. I go by She/Her or He/Him pronouns, Pansexual, Aromantic, and Greysexual. Not looking for anything NSFW/sexual but if you buy me new outfits I'd love to model them for you.


Gift me a membership and let's connect. 💋💜

Topic starter Posted : June 5, 2021 10:05 pm

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