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[Sticky] Where do I find Sugar-daddies?

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Why don't Sugardaddies Contact me ?

As with any Sugardating Website or Platform you will always find Women are outnumbering Men and as the supply becomes greater due to the economic situation and various other factors, the more difficult it becomes to find Online Sugardaddies to help support and fund your Sugarbaby Lifestyle.

So rather than waiting around for your Sugardaddy to arrive it's best to go and hunt them down ..

Here are a few options that are currently working for other Online sugarbabies that I would like to share... 

Where do I find Sugar-daddies?


Option 1 

First is to search in our FMSB Community. Sugar daddies are available on FMSB under the heading Community tab Sugar daddy search

Link here  https://fundmysugarbaby.com/sugardaddies/

Sugarbabies can search, request a connection, and follow a Sugardaddies profile page, when a Sugardaddy accepts your request you can then message each other to start your connection, introduce yourself and build a rapport. Introduce your membership plans and let a SD know about your Custom content for the higher price plans. Custom Plans start from $50.00 to $500.00 such as personalized or made to order content or girlfriend experience plans


*Pls note: for your own safety Never exchange your personal email, phone number, offer your personal contact, Real name, banking details or request a SDs personal information if a Sugardaddy or Sugarbaby is found to violate these rules the account will be deleted and banned from the FMSB platform. 


Please let FMSB know immediately if a SD requests your personal or banking information, if this occurs, we will investigate the incident. All members are also encouraged to report to FMSB any inappropriate behavior harassment, rude, abusive or scam, by simply tapping on the blue report button and explaining the situation FMSB will receive the report and take immediate actions. FMSB has zero tolerance for this type of behaviour.


Safety and Security for all members is our top priority, and something we take very seriously..


Option 2  

Connecting on Social Media!!

Connecting with your First Sugardaddies is the most difficult, so to be successful when starting out it is important that you try to make connections on your own social media channels. (Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, are the most popular ..)


Share your Custom link ( located in your profile page membership description  ) use the link to share with your followers place in your bio on social media, use hashtags #sugardaddy,#sugarbaby # looking for Sugardaddy ...and then SDs can join directly to your membership via the custom link and make payment.


*Sugarbabies can now share your membership plans and custom link direct into FMSB Social media icons as well, located in the footer of our website we have a reddit, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest and Facebook with hundreds of connections as well. 


The more you promote your custom membership link, the more opportunity you will have to receive funding, waiting for Sugardaddies to make a connection to your profile, will often lead to disappointment and you may never receive any responses.

Its important to be active and introduce your membership plans to as many Sugardaddies as you can on social media and our platform. 


Option 3 

Dating Apps and Sugardating Websites 

Here Potential Sugardaddies are available by contacting and making connections though websites, most men will be expecting in real life connections (I.R.L) as with any normal dating site, but if you set your search filters to other cities and countries for ex. Tinder setting your search criteria to overseas countries looking for 40 years + will help you find many potential (POTs) connections, and because you are overseas the chances of meeting in real life together is nonexistent, therefore the opportunity to create an online relationship increases dramatically.

Having a girlfriend experience with a friendly honest and genuine person is one of the most requested content services on FundmySugarbaby, and for Men who often may not be receiving many responses on the dating websites, the potential to find Online Sugardaddies greatly increases and your odds to receive funding also increases.  


Option 4 

Language exchange apps and websites.

Here is an option that is wide open to finding Online Sugardaddies. Currently there are millions of people looking to improve their English Skills, and personally as a older SB 🙂 who has worked in Tokyo for a number of years, I can guarantee you that there are Men who are willing to pay huge amounts of money just to chat with beautiful foreign girls.

hello talk , is a simple app which is free to join and Sugarbabies can quickly make contacts, by focusing your search on the higher economic countries such as Japan, Korea, HongKong, Malaysia, UAE, etc you will quickly find Men willing to chat with you, then after making a connection introduce your custom content link where POTs can join FMSB directly or your custom plan and purchase your plans ...

The more opportunities you make the more chances you can start to receive a sustainable and recurring income

Having 5-10 Online Sugar-daddies paying a monthly amount can soon add up and help you reach a sustainable income.

Also when you start building up your Sugadady Portfolio 🙂 it is recommended to use an app to make sure you are able to schedule the chats, pics and messaging times in one location as some Online Sugardaddies may be in different time zones google calendar app is the go to app of choice for Online Sugarbabies to help them with scheduling multiple appointments.  

I will continue to add more tips and ideas on how Online Sugarbabies can succeed in Developing an Online Sugarbaby Lifestyle..

Kelly 🙂 


Posted : April 4, 2020 1:11 pm
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If I’m using hello talk do I need to be able to speak other languages? Only fluent in English 😭

Posted : November 9, 2021 3:25 pm
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This is very informational thank you, Kelly. 😍 😍 

Posted : November 10, 2021 2:25 pm