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How to Build Press and Media Campaign

How to Build Press and Media Campaign


When using the press and media, the most effective method for your project is online news, blogs.
In the situation where your project is actually newsworthy, it’ll be quickly selected by the bigger outlets. Local news stations will probably cover interesting local projects, and will begin to tell others beyond your own networks.
After you have your news release, you’ll need a list of people to send it to.

Building a list

To provide your news release to others, you’ll need contact information for the local media. Where possible, find reporters who cover stories like yours. Contact them directly by sending a personal message regarding your project, and why you think they may want to write about you.
Finding your story
With regards to writing and distributing your press and media release, you should be aware that personal crowdfunding isn’t usually newsworthy unless its interesting and unusual, which may be the fact in your case for your campaign, but the fact that you need money is not something anyone is going to write about.  You have to go deeper to find your specific conditions. You select the task that you think people will be interested in
Think about the problem. Think about these questions:

  • Why would someone such as a sugardaddy want to give money to this project?
  • Who will give me money? What type of sugardaddy would back this project?
  • What is the bigger goal – is it an ongoing campaign, monthly, or a set amount?
  • Why are they interested in me? What’s my connection to them?

Concentrating on the intended audience along with a positive message provides you with the best possible opportunity of getting media attention.

Writing your news release

Try to ensure that your story is a one page. Anybody interested can contact you for further detail. Ensure all of the text is the same colour, and then save as a PDF for sending.

Media package

A media pack may a zipped file which contains high-resolution images and more info on you and your project.It can benefit to automate your communication process while growing your campaigns reach.
It could include:

  • Still face shots of you
  • Photos of you
  • Stock utube or video footage
  • A deeper biography or history of you and your project – just like a timeline, or your history, and/or career highlights
  • Your contact information, including links to social networking accounts, websites, email, phone, and Skype contacts.

Getting this data produced for media implies that the majority the fundamental stuff they would like to know is already there. Then they can focus on asking intesting, notable and relevant questions when writing their stories.

Creating YOUR MEDIA Kit

Pull together your photos, videos, and documents that relate to the project. Place them all-in-one folder.
Create a document including links to all your online accounts. Ensure your campaign is the first one on the list!
Save as a PDF
Zip the folder and offer your “Public” Dropbox folder. (You need to join a Dropbox account if you do not presently have one).
Include a link to your file in your press release.

CASE Study

Jane’s close to her campaign goal, but she has already prepared her press and media kit before she’d launched.
She has 5 local online journalists on her list, but she made a decision to merely approach one which she already had a connection with though blogging on their website before. This journalist regularly covers dating and relationship news and issues and Jane thinks she’s an excellent possibility for her campaign article.
Jane feels she has a good chance of a small article about her campaign and she feels with some small changes she could possibly get some coverage, therefore increasing her chances of exposure to a wider community and increasing her opportunities to reach her campaign target.
Delivering your news release
Send your news release once you have some existing support. We recommend to try to get around 30% of your funds through your social networks, friends and Sugardaddy websites.  This is because journalists want to cover success stories, and see interest behind the story. Before reporting on it.
Make sure you send each Email separately and remember to attach your press release as a PDF. In the email copy, write a quick note for your contact, noting what the story is about and why you are contacting them.
If you are able to get newsworthy releases about your Campaign published we here at Fundmysugarbaby will also promote on our website and social media channels.


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