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6 Steps to become an Online Sugarbaby

The internet is abuzz with the term Sugarbaby and Sugaring these days. Thanks to Seeking Arrangement a popular dating website which introduced the modern internet to the age old term Sugardaddy / Sugarbaby.

The basic concept is Sugar daddy (slang term), is a man who offers support (typically financial and material) to a younger women for companionship.

Now with social media and the internet, it is possible to offer the same concept over the internet as an Online Sugarbaby, who can provide companionship, messaging, photos, and videos to male users in exchange for payment in the form of monthly subscriptions plans.

Sell Monthly Memberships to Sugardaddies 

Here at Fundmysugarbaby we are the first Sugardating platform to offer Sugarbabies (women) the opportunity to sell custom content and companionship exclusively to Online Sugardaddies SDs (men) who may be looking for something different online as opposed to in-real relationships and meeting up with strangers.

Perhaps due to loneliness, physical restraints, distance, living in another country, busy schedules or lack of ability to meet the right person due to timing,

people tend to gravitate towards internet relationships, which also happens to be a lot safer as no physical contact or harm can occur when common sense is applied.

As with Fundmysugarbaby all members are screened before allowing onto our Sugardating platform, to weed out fake accounts and incorrect profiles.

With our New Report a User function embedded on every users profile its very simple to now protect and block profiles from unwanted or inappropriate requests from other users.

Have ever thought about becoming a sugarbaby

But didn’t want to actually meet in real life and would like to keep it strictly online then Fundmysugarbaby could be the answer. By selling texting, chats, pics, one to one video, or companionship services, online sugarbabies are now able to receive a recurring and regular income from Sugardaddies.

Join Fundmysugarbaby.com to help supplement your income and start a part time business selling your Custom Content as an Online Sugarbaby.

AT FMSB , We can set up standard and custom membership plans direct onto your profile page so you can receive payment for selling your content .

This allows SugarDaddies when visiting your profile to read your profile, About Me section and what Custom Content you are offering, then if they like what they see easily connect, and purchase your subscription plans.

After supplying 1 profile photo, 4-6 photos and 1 verification photo, FMSB Support staff will set up four  Membership plans, on to your profile page.

  • A verified photo is required to be included before adding your membership plans and receiving payment from Sugardaddies. 

Standard Membership Plans  

Text & Chat $9.99 per month (standard)

Photos & Chat $19.99 per month (standard)

Video & Chat $29.99 per month (standard)

Custom Content $10.00 – $500.00 per month (Flexible pricing)

Sugarbabies can offer the standard content plans for Sugardaddies from $9.99 – $29.99 where Sugardaddies can get to know you,

and you can add your Custom Content with prices ranging from $10.00-$500.00 depending on your content and what you would like to charge. This plan is great for personalized or extra spicy content 🙂

By offering both standard and Custom plans, Sugarbabies now have a complete membership range to offer promote, and encourage Sugardaddies to support their Online Sugarbaby Lifestyle.  

New Membership Plans & Prices

For Online Sugarbabies who would like to add their own fully customize-able plans we now offer the following plans…

$9.99 (one time price ) 80% payout with up to 6 different custom plans. Sugarbabies can set their own prices, descriptions and add their preferred currency, this allows Sugarbabies to tailor their own content and offer a wider range of choices.

Additionally we have a  premium plan $19.99 ( one time fee) which allows Sugarbabies to offer 6 custom plans as mentioned above, plus receive an amazing 90% payout on every plan sold to Sugardaddies. 

We are now pleased to offer the all new PLATINUM PLANS  $24.99 (annual payment) with the first ever PAYOUT of 100% to you as a creator of content, ideal for sugarbabies, webcam models and only fans creators with a following who would like to receive full value for selling content online ( this is a limited offer ) 

Backed by our Secure Platform Online Sugarbabies can now feel safe when receiving payment over the internet.  Membership plans Here

6 steps to becoming an Online SugarBaby

Online Sugarbaby business model



    1. You need to be 18 and supply Government Photo I.D for proof of Age to be accepted on our Sugarbaby platform

  1. Do my high quality photos for my profile involve my face? And the photo packages what is normally included in them, as in what kind of photography.

    1. Hello Evelina, for a SD to purchase you subscription plans and content 99% of the time SDs would require to see you face before purchasing your content, also to have subscriptions set on your profile FMSB platform require a Government photo I.D To confirm your profile is actually genuine plus a verification photo of your holding a handwritten sign saying Fundmysugarbaby, again showing your face to confirm your profile is actually you .

      These requirement are necessary to protect both SB/SD while at the same time reducing inappropriate behavior, scams and fraud. Protection for all members is our utmost priority. Members also have the option to set profile to private regarding photos thereby only allowing certain members to view content on Fundmysugarbaby.

  2. Do I have to use my real name? I’d prefer to use a “fake” name so I can protect my identity.. all those they can see my face, if they don’t know my real name it’s hard to find me.

    1. Hi Destiny yes we allow members to use a nickname if they prefer also you can show photos not directly showing your face if you prefer but responses from Online sugardaddies may be low as many members would choose to purchase your content based on your pg13 photos youhave uploaded to your profile page

    1. Hi Ami, yes we have a few Sugarbaby-boys looking for connections from Sugarmommas and or Sugardaddies. When filling out your registration applicants can choose their desired category which will be displayed on each members Profile page.

  3. Hi I am very interested in working with this website but I don’t have a paypal account as it takes money to open one?

    1. Hi Vanessa, yes all members are required to have a PayPal account to receive Payment
      Its free to join Paypal and you are required to be 18 years and over

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